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This price is only high because there are many things that make this price up. The things that I’d get, is the right to use the Pizza Hut trademarks, its system for preparing, marketing and selling food products, its information and specifications. Those were only some of them. There is also some allowance, which is included in the total investment cost but isn’t part of the initial fee, for management and staff training.

The equipment cost is also included in the total price although; it will vary depending on the site. The franchise agreement is a 10-year term with a 5-year break.

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Pizza Hut gives the most comprehensive training that there is around. They say that they won’t just hand over the keys and let me get on with it; they will train me until I feel comfortable and confident.

They will give me about 13 weeks of training. This training is before I open up. Within these weeks, I’d get experience in existing stores and we also get tuition in the classrooms. As this goes on, I get on going support from a dedicated Franchise Business Manager and their Restaurant Support Centre. Once I’d have started up, I wouldn’t have to worry about creativity, production or media costs.

This means that I’d benefit from their national advertising and PR.

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On top of all of this, Pizza Hut are always developing new products and bringing them to the market. This is a process that involves a huge amount of research; therefore this is another worry that I would have to bother with. So, all I’d have to do is take their ideas, put them into practise and then sit back and watch the money roll in. If you think about it, this training course is pretty impressive. Once I’d have chosen the site that I decided to build on. Pizza Hut says that they will give me a list of approved designers, contractors and proprietary equipment suppliers.

This is so that I can choose from them to construct the unit. Even though I’d get to choose whom I want to build the site, the specifications would have already been agreed. As I’d go along, Pizza Hut would approve all the drawings and would be attending all the site meetings, just to ensure that the store is completed to their specifications. This would then minimise the risk of any costly mistakes. If I wanted a third party contractor, to provide a complete project management service, I’d have to pay extra. Pizza Hut says that they can’t tell me what the pay back time is.

Conclusion From all the research that I have done, I have decided that I am going to open up a Domino’s Pizza franchise. There are many reasons for why I have chosen this franchise. The investment costs are one of the main reasons. Domino’s Pizza has an investment cost of 160,000. Pizza Hut has an investment cost between  150,000 and 185,000. Even though, Pizza Hut says that I’d have to negotiate with them for the final amount, I still think that after the final amount is agreed, there will still be costs that I will have to pay for.

Also the investment cost for Domino’s Pizza is including every thing that I’d have to pay for, Pizza Hut’s isn’t. Another reason is that Domino’s Pizza says that the pay back time is five years. Pizza Hut says that it all depends on the way the manager runs the restaurant, but I think that they’re just avoiding the question. One other main reason is because there are fewer hours with Domino’s Pizza. I don’t want long hours everyday. Therefore, Domino’s Pizza seems like the best option.

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