Taking McDonalds motivation techniques from the view of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs it could be said that both types of safety needs are met as there is a very high level of job security. A sense of love and belonging can also be seen as the organisation tends to take a caring approach towards its workers for example by letting the workers have a schedule that fits them. Physiological needs are met as well due to the fact that workers are able to take care of themselves with the wage paid and even have some money to save for whatever purpose they have in mind.

Safety needs too are being met as healthcare is provided by the organisation. Also due to the fact that McDonalds takes a lot of effort to provide their workers with opportunities psychological safety is met. The esteem needs of workers too are met as they are given paid vacations and also training which enables them to stand a chance of improving their lives and achieving their esteem needs.

Also according to the expectancy theory the workers will be motivated as their training can lead to them even being able to start up their own restaurant.

The inner work theory suggests that the workers will be motivated as they feel emotionally happy about the treatment they receive and also they will have the perception that working for McDonalds can help them come up in life. Another example where Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is met is in the social networking organisation known as facebook.

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The employees at facebook are generally web engineers and designers present to find ways of improving the site.

The working conditions at facebook although is very relaxed as workers are allowed to come to work dressed in casual clothes. Facebook provides its workers with a variety of benefits which include paid parental leave and baby cash which allows workers to have upto four months of parental leave and $4000 in cash for all new custodial parents employed, Paid time off for vacation, Discounts for transportation and free meals. The physiological needs of a person according to this scenario are very well met.

The safety needs in terms of psychological safety have been taken very well into consideration in my opinion as giving a lot of paid leave when needed and up to four months of parental leave means that a sense of job security is present which satisfies the psychological safety aspect of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Facebook shows a lot of care towards its workers which helps to create a sense of being welcome and being considered part of an extended family which helps to create a sense of love and belonging.

Taking into account the inner work life theory it could be said that workers would feel a sense of loyalty and happiness to work for facebook as they feel that the company looks after its workers well also the fact that one does not have to wear office wear may result in workers feeling more relaxed and feel that they have a very comfortable working environment and therefore they will be motivated to give their best towards the company.

According to the expectancy theory it could be said that the outcome that people get from working for facebook are all the benefits that are given to workers which are higher than most organisations. This would result in workers once again being motivated to give their best. On the whole it could be said that all the above mentioned examples of reputed organisations operate in ways which provide their workers with motivation. When it comes to the inner work life theory we see that companies take into account the suspected perceptions, emotions and motives that workers generally have into account.

Organisations also try to provide its employees with a positive outcome for their services thereby motivating them to give their best. For example in the case of Linn products workers are given a share of profit. This means that the expectancy theory is being followed. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs too is followed as all the above mentioned organisations provide motivation in such a way that most of the levels are satisfied except for self actualisation as it takes time for a worker to be motivated to such a high level.

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