10-15 facts on Imagery and Diction

Fact 1
Imagery is language that connects to the senses.

Fact 2
Writers use imagery to “unlock” a reader’s memory of a specific expirence.

Fact 3
Imagery can appeal to any of your senses.

Fact 4
Most imagery is partially visual.

Fact 5
Diction refers to a writer’s word choice.

Fact 6
A writer’s diction creates a tone , or mood, of a piece of writing.

Fact 7
Diction is important to imagery.

Fact 8
Diction can be formal or informal.

Fact 9
Formal diction is literal, using words that mean just what they say .

Fact 10
Formal diction is often used in informational texts.

Fact 11
Informal dictionuses more figurative language, including imagery .

Fact 12
It is commonely used in poetry.

Fact 13
Imagery is very common in poetry.

Fact 14
Often imagery appears in short stories and novels where writers use it to describe things.

Fact 15
Imagery appeals to your physical senses.

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10-15 facts on Imagery and Diction
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