Record some examples of connotative diction from the first two paragraphs of the chapter. What is the effect of this diction on the reader How does Douglass experience with Mrs.. Laud show the corruptive influence of slavery on the slaveholder Explain, here, the style of teaching in the Columbian Orator that helped Douglass to improve his reading. What was the moral that he gained from the book Comment on Douglass mental state as he reads and thinks about this book on pegs.

1-52. Douglass writes that he eavesdropped on other peoples conversations and soon The light broke in upon me by degrees. What does he mean Look on page 53-54. Write concrete support here. What does the author want you, the reader, to think about him in this chapter What else does he learn to do in this chapter How does he do it Dialectical Journal for Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, chapter 8 Note Taking summary of chapter 8. Note Making Write a short Give the chapter a title.

Why does Douglass begin the chapter with such specific information about his masters family Find evidence, erectly stated on page 58, that Why does Douglass use a series of coordinated supports his major claim about slavery. (paired) nouns to present this evidence What is the effect on the reader On page 59, Douglass contrasts his feelings about being sold with those of the other slaves. Record quoted evidence here. Why do you think he added this commentary Douglass lament over the treatment of his grandmother is possibly the most emotionally portion of the bookie examples of diction and phrases that reveal his anger.

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Pages 61-63) Comment on Douglass sax. N. Y intelligence when he leaves Baltimore for SST. Michaels. How old is he at this point in the book Dialectical Journal for Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, Chapter 9 Note Making Write a short summary of chapter 9 chapter 9 and write it here (five or six sentences) Think of a title for (this is like a main idea) Give some text examples (quotes) of the indignities that Douglass suffered when he went to live with Thomas Laud.

What was the character flaw in Thomas Laud Comment here on the qualities necessary for a leader, that made him especially depraved even a slaveholder, to earn respect from their subjects or slaves. How did his finding religion make him even Think off level 3 question about this. Have you read or worse studied any thing else that showed this phenomenon to be true Douglass names many Methodist preachers who were like Thomas Laud. What purpose is served by this and Why does he include an exception, Mr..

Conman Comment on Douglass use of religion in this chapter. Is his tone negative toward religion How does he use it in this chapter to illustrate his main theme Dialectical Journal for Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, chapter 10 Note Making Write a short summary of chapter 10 Think of a title for chapter 10 and write it here (five or six sentences) (this is like a main idea) Give some partial quotes that describe Covey.

Consider how Coveys behavior with his slaves What was his forte further supports Douglass main theme. In other words, how could Covey hinder his own success as a farmer On pages 83-84, Douglass writes an apostrophe, that is, a speaking out of the story to someone or something that isn’t there. Write partial quotes here to record who he is speaking to. Consider why he does this. Is there any change in his mood after this lament Find the antithesis on page 84 that truly divides the chapter, and write it here.

What happens in the narrative after this point What is Douglass epiphany (92-93) How is Christmas especially sad for the slaves Why do you think Douglass uses this bridge or connection between his experience with Covey and his life with his new master, Mr.. Freehand Dialectical Journal for Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, chapter 10, continued Note Making Write the quote on page 99 in which Douglass characterizes the religion of the south.

Do you think he is anti-religious Why or why not Why do oh think Douglass feels it is important to include the names and behaviors of religious people in his narrative, especially in this chapter Find a quote on page 101 that has several parallels and some alliteration, too. Write it out here. Why does Douglass structure this information with such rhythm and emphasis What purpose does the passage on his Sabbath school serve in this chapter Do you think Mr..

Freehand is a real character On pages 120-121, how did Douglass experience with Covey prepare him for his Job as a ship builder at Fells What event at the happier actually turns his Point rough experience there too positive result On page 125, find the quote that illustrates Douglass revelation about the contented slave. The end of this chapter might help you see hydraulics was not sold after his first escape attempt.

How did he avoid this fate Dialectical Journal for Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, chapter 1 1 Making Write a short summary of chapter 1 1 11 and write it here (five or six sentences) Note Think of a title for chapter Why is Douglass critical of the underground railroad Record evidence here that shows Douglass experience with Mr.. Covey to be useful in Douglass confrontation with Hugh Laud Why is Douglass description of his escape so brief Ironically, how did Douglass experience as a slave in the southern shipyards aid him once he was free Record the observation that most astonished Douglass when he arrived north.

What did he expect Why do you think Douglass includes an anecdote about traitors who were former slaves How does Douglass become involved in the abolitionist movement the Life of Frederick Douglass, Appendix Dialectical Journal for Narrative of Note Making Write a short summary of the appendix he appendix and write it here (five or six sentences) idea) What motivated Douglass to write this appendix (this is like a main Find three hyphenated epithets on page 150 that seriously indict religious southerners.

Is he successful in his purpose for this appendix Find several examples of loaded biblical How would you describe the tone of this paragraph diction in the first paragraph of page 154. What is the parody that concludes the book Other than to criticize southern Christians, what purpose is served by including this hymn Think of something that isn’t stated outright, but implied simply by including this satire.

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