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Management of every organization determines the success and competitiveness of the organization in the market. There are qualities that every manager should have if the organization has to stand and compete with the likes. However, managers need to be well acquitted with the management concepts to help them apply theoretical knowledge to the real business world. There are managers who have been faced with situations which have posed a challenge in terms of settling to a decision. I view of this, and it is important to provide recommendations that will help in solving daily challenges facing the managers in their field of operation.

The concepts that managers should be well aware of include organizing and taking control of the organization. There are managers who have good ideas for improving the productivity of their companies, but they lack enough competence in implementing the ideas they have. The ideas on the ways of implementing the ideas will be discussed in this paper with consideration to the information and experience shown in the case study.

From the case provided, there are ideas that can be identified. From this case, James, as a manager, faces several challenges in starting and running the business in which he had not experienced before (Singh, Sandhu, Metri, & Kaur, 2018). Trying to develop personal contact with customers was one of the ideas that he thought would improve the performance of the organization. However, this proved to be tiresome and costly to the extent that he would not get enough sleep when he got home.

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As a manager, it shows that he had good ideas to improve the organization. However, the methods used in arriving at the results were not wisely chosen. Managing a big team for James was a challenge, particularly taking into consideration that there were decisions that needed to be made. Breaking down of the server was presented a situation where James had to show his competence in terms of decision making to avoid a loss that might have resulted from halting business. James field developed challenges from which he had to make a decision. However, from this experience, James was able to identify the persons issues that were facing the organization. This provides that frequent meeting provides platforms in which employees can share their worries before they result in bigger things. This indicates that as a manager, James was expected to take control of the organization. James used recruitment to improve productivity by offering options out of which employees would choose to work from home. James realized that motivation of employees was an important thing, and therefore, he sorts to find means of motivating them one of the ways being harmonization of compensation.

The case presents situations that demanded the use of management concepts. When the breakdown of the server was witnessed, James was expected to employ some of the concepts (Bruggeman, Hoz?e, & Slagmulder, 2018). In such a case, individual decision making would be the best way to go about it in order to ensure that the time spent making the decision would be reduced. Besides, personal issues, as evident in the organization, demanded that James takes

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