Nonverbal Tendencies Indicate Personality

The following sample essay on Nonverbal Tendencies Indicate Personality deals with confident person.

I would say if someone were to analyze my nonverbal tendencies, they will say that I am happy person, because I am smiling most of the time and smile generally express happiness.

Also, they would say that I am a confident person, the way that I walk, stand, the eye contact that I use to communicate with people including interest, affection, or attraction, and I feel very comfortable when I have a conversation with new people, this all indicates that I am a very confident person.

Naturally, I think my nonverbal tendencies indicate my personality because the way that I feel and I think will reflect to my nonverbal tendencies, for example, if I am a confident and happy person, this will reflect to my body movement, facial expression, eye contact, and voice, Because we all reflect what we think in our subconscious mind without feeling in our nonverbal tendencies and in our behavior.

Yes, now am more aware of my nonverbal tendencies and I will think more about them after what I read about this, I don’t think that I am planning or trying to change to my nonverbal tendencies because they indicates who I am, and I’m convinced of my personality and my actions but maybe I will be more aware of them. It is Important to have an understanding of how to pass on your messages through your non-verbal communication. Like at the interview, the first thing that the interviewer look at is your body language, like if your are shaking or if you don’t look comfortable in the way that you talk, walk and set they will not consider you, they will think that you are lying or you are not good enough to fill the position because you didn’t show tour confidence through your body language.

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Proxemics is the study of use of space that the human use in their interactions how close people get to each other and how close they stand to each other, it is considered as one of the nonverbal tendencies, we can use physical space to communicate many different non verbal messages. Like some people they feel comfortable if they get close to each other, and some others they don’t feel comfortable if they get close to other people, it depends on their culture, personality, and situation.

These are the countries that rank the highest in the need for personal space are Romania with the comfort level being at a distance of roughly 140 centimeters, with a distance of roughly 131 centimeters, and then Saudi Arabia, at roughly 127 centimeters.

At the same time, Argentina, Peru, and Bulgaria were the most comfortable being up close to strangers at distances of roughly 77 centimeters, 80 centimeters, and 81 centimeters, respectively. In general, I feel comfortable when people stand close to me but it depends who is the person standing next to me, how he looks like or how he seems to be, sometimes I feel uncomfortable if the person looks weird or does something inconvenient. I feel this way maybe because of my culture, we get close to each other depends on the relationship between us but when it comes to foreign people we always leave space between each other.


Nonverbal Communication and Body Language

5 Responds to Classmates

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1. Hello Angelica, I agree with you I also feel uncomfortable when a stranger stand very close to me , and my culture is similar to yours, in our culture as a Muslim we all must leave a space between each other especially with the strangers.

2. Hello Rustam, you are totally right, not all the people thinks in the same way so we can’t trust everybody, we always should leave a space if we don’t know the person who is standing next to us, because we could expect everything from them.

3. Hello Joelle, what you are saying is totally right, I feel very comfortable if my friends or people that I know stand very close to me i have no problem with that at all but on the other hand if a stranger come and stand very close to me of course I feel uncomfortable and stressed so I would prefer personal space in these situations

4. Hello Cameron, I totally agree with you that when it comes to large crowds you feel uncomfortable, I am like you I always try to avoid a large crowds places like parties or night clubs, it is so uncomfortable when you see people standing very close to you and maybe they will touch you and you don’t even know them.

5. Hi Jacob, I would say you are absolutely right we should leave a space especially when it comes to strangers, also , it is in my  culture all the people leave space between each other it is more respectful to all of us if we leave a space between each other so we all feel more comfortable

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Nonverbal Tendencies Indicate Personality
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