Verbal and Nonverbal communication When we are communicating with verbal communication this involves a lot of the spoken word. Some principals of verbal communication are how you deliver your message, the tone you use, and the pitch of your voice. These principals are important in so many ways. When you are speaking with verbal communication it is important that you are confident in your message and be sure you know what you are talking about. Getting feedback in your communication is key to having a good conversation with others.

If you are trying to communicate with someone that is hard of hearing it is important to speak clearly and slowly. Depending on the person that is receiving the message you want to speak in a tone that they understand and the communication that they would understand as well. If you are continuously having to yell at someone this message may not get across how you want it to. A message can be misunderstood because they are focused on the pitch and tone of your voice and they may think your upset about the topic you are trying to discuss.

Empathy is a good way to communicate with others. Understanding where they are coming from in the conversation will help with the delivery of your message. If you are on the receiving end of the communication be sure to ask questions just to make sure that you understand the message that the sender is sending. Nonverbal communication has a few principals and these are that when communicating with someone the key is the facial expressions, body language, eye contact, and open posture.

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These principals are a good way to communicate with someone nonverbally.

When communicating without the spoken word the next best thing is the facial expressions that we use. These facial expression are what the receiver see’s when a sender is trying to communicate without words. Your body language is another part of communication that people use often when they are trying to get a point across to another. Many people use their hands when they talk and this is considered visual communication. Eye contact can be used but we need to be careful how when we use the eye contact because other cultures may view this as disrespectful and they may feel that we are invading their space.

Your personal appearance is another good principal to understand when using nonverbal communication, people judge things by their covers and not what they know about them personally. Three good principals that are important for an effective communication are that you should make your message clear, confident, and delivered properly. These principals are key to having a good message getting across to the receiver of the message. Having clear communication is the key to having someone understand your message and the clearer the message the better the communication will go.

These three important principals work for verbal and nonverbal communication. I have had numerous communication mishaps in my life. One that really sticks out to me was this one time I was at work and a patient had asked me to do something for them, and I replied ok no problem. Now I usually just say that all the time because I am completely deaf in my right ear. So when I think I hear something a certain way really I am hearing the wrong thing. Anyways, this patient asked if I was going to give her a shower and I thought she wanted me to blow dry her hair.

This misunderstanding really upset her because she thought that I just wasn’t paying any attention to what she had said. Miscommunications happen often in the care homes because every patient is different and each one communicates differently. To promote good communication principals to the workplace it is always good to set an example for others to communicate better with others. Be sure to inform the employees that getting your message across to others is important, but it just as important on how you deliver the message to others. Having good eye contact with others is a good way to start a communication process.

Tell the employees to ask questions if they do not understand something and let them know it is ok to ask question. Your personal appearance is good to have when you are using nonverbal communication in the work place. Technology has come a long way from 30 years ago. Most of the times people in today’s world use email, facebook, or text message as a communication tool. You see less and less people communicating verbally. You do not get to use any of these principals in the new technology of communication, there is less eye contact, you really can’t see someone posture or facial expression, and body language is not clear.

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