No one thinks that the last time you spend laughing and smiling

The following sample essay describing hard life and abuse of Africans in movies.

No one thinks that the last time you spend laughing and smiling with your family will be the last time you ever see them. Certainly, not these Africans who were abducted in August of 1839 from Sierra Leone and put aboard a slave ship. This ship was The Amistad; a Spanish ship that was designed to transport slaves and sell them. The Amistad sailed to Cuba where a slave auction took place and after came to America.

These Africans were free people who were illegally forced into slavery and couldn’t do anything about it. They were treated like animals being bought and sold to the market to owners that could do as they pleased with them.

At the beginning of the movie something dauntless took place, the Africans took over the ship. Angry, tired, and hurt were just a few feelings to describe how they felt. I don’t blame them for taking over the ship I stand firm on fighting for what’s right.

They reached their breaking point and thought this was their only chance to become free again. Even though that didn’t happen as quickly as they thought. While in passing on the waters a coast guard ship came upon The Amistad and noticed something odd. Shortly after these Africans found themselves imprisoned yet again but in Connecticut.

In 1941 the case was brought to court where it led to Supreme Court. These Africans who spoke little to no English were being charged for the murders they committed on The Amistad.

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It didn’t make any sense for them to be charged when they were victims themselves, but in certain dilemmas, it’s never fair. I personally would have jumped off the ship when I got put on instead of being deprived as a human being. The prison they kept them in was no different from the environment on the ship. They were treated the same.

Luckily there were a few people in the Africans corner helping them and defending them so they can once be free again. They too dealt with conflicts and difficulties because others had no sympathy for them. It showed people knew this act was wrong and despite what was thrown at them, they didn’t give up and wanted to help them. They kept going to court every day fighting and trying to know more about the Africans to win this case. It revealed that there are still genuine people who cared about the humanity of others that didn’t look like them and their right to live their own lives.

This movie was interesting to me since discrimination and racism still lives on today. Our ancestors went through hell and fought for our freedom today and not all of us seem to appreciate it. We are still chained up, incarcerated, and being told what to do without being able to do anything about it. Would you say that being incarcerated is the same as a slave in a way? I’m thankful that I didn’t have to witness the treatment of these slaves first hand, I could barely take the content from the movie and that’s just some of what was done to them. “Slavery is our pillar of commerce in the new world. Without it, our goodwill and excellent trade relations should be imperiled.” said by the Queen of Spain Isabella II. I disagree with this, that’s outrageous that she feels like you must rely on “slavery” for things to be successful and active. Nothing was normal about putting individuals through hard labor in any conditions especially with no pay or respect involved.

I know that everyone’s beliefs and religions are different, but one part of this film stood out to me. While imprisoned one of the main characters Cinque and another male slave came across a bible. In this bible was the testaments with pictures all though they couldn’t read the English writing they understood the pictures. They were comparing their current situation to the story of Jesus Christ. How he was beaten down, mistreated but arise and came back better than he was and went to heaven. They knew that their battle was difficult but when they died, they were going to go to heaven to be with him. When they started to lose all hope in their dilemma, they regained faith and trusted these people who were helping them.

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No one thinks that the last time you spend laughing and smiling
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