My Skills And Abilities

I am applying to do a degree in Accounting and Finance because the skills I have embodied during my time at school have helped me to closely analyse information which is indeed one of the most critical features for business.

As a student that has whole-heartedly earned an A grade for IGCSE English literature is a true reflection of my analytical skills and a B grade for IGCSE History illustrates how I am able to think outside the box. My skills and abilities coincide with that of a chartered accountant or even a stockbroker in the sense that I am able to give advice and provide information that is accurate and dependable.

To add more, I am a hardworking individual who is determined to accomplish set tasks laid upon me. Accounting and Finance is intriguing in the sense that your full mental capacity is expanded and I have a very strong passion in combatting very difficult challenges. This is why this course is very interesting and unique, because of the challenge it brings.

Throughout my life at school I faced many obstacles, having played football at a first team level since the age of fifteen. I strived playing in a tough atmosphere with the senior team and I have thoroughly enjoyed those intense and challenging moments. Now I have represented the First Team football for four years and within those years I have received many awards which include, earning a team of the week certificate in 2018 and winning three gold medals in 2019 in three different football tournaments.

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I have contributed and invested my time into my football team, having scored and assisted crucial goals during the season allowing my football team to be crowned the Football Champions without losing any league game. The level of competitiveness football provides coincides with this degree I am willing to withhold.

As shown above, I am also able to work and communicate with people diligently which is a major key factor in business regarding attracting inspired investors to various companies or other businesses. My role is most effective especially when I am working or attending to the needs of people as I have adopted traits to that of an influencer.

I have a vast number of interests that have inspired me and helped my way of thinking in life. Interests such as drawing and animating videos, creating all sorts characters. My hobbies were inspired by a comic/novel writer Masashi Kishimoto, the writer of a well-known book called Naruto which is especially known to the citizens of Japan and broadly known to the world. This author has a distinctive and a unique way of storytelling together with his famous drawings. In a lot of his works you witness the way his characters captivate the readers by the continuous building of tension until there is a resolution at the end which is why I am an avid reader up to today reading his books. furthermore, I took it upon myself to make social media pages which illustrates his drawings, animations and publishing his achievements in order to attract a personal following for him for he has inspired many people till this day including myself. As with in marketing, I am able to create relationships with customers, I already have background knowledge on how to treat and sway the minds of customers to engage in which ever business I am in.

In addition, due to the declining economy in Zimbabwe, I intend to take the experience and skills I acquire from the accounting and finance degree back into my country to transform the business sector in my country. It is my goal to help the business sector in Zimbabwe so that hopefully the dependence on agricultural production is overthrown by further industrialisation to compete with the outside world.

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