My Passion For Crime

As my lips left his forehead the first thing that came to my mind was why was he as cold as a freezer. At 13 years old my mind could not understand why someone whose warmth had always given me comfort was now so cold. Pondering on this idea was the only thing that kept me from accepting the idea that my father was dead. I began researching for the cause. I found that after death, each hour, the body temperature of a corpse drops 1.

5 degrees. This is known as Algor Mortis. Many also refer to this as “death chills”. Fitting. Some had said, I had become obsessed with understanding death and all that it entailed. However, I was simply trying to understand what my father’s body was now experiencing.

While my obsession laid in learning about death, my extended family became obsessed with buying my father. They vigorously searched for a place to bury his body. In Islam, a dead body is required to be buried within 24 hours.

My whole life I had accepted this idea as another belief. After doing some research I found that there is, in fact, scientific evidence that explains the reason for the imminent burials; It is known as Putrefaction. As a child, I had always been attracted to the gory stories and movies, things that most kids ran from. Deaths and crimes intrigued me. I wanted to know all the details of a crime. When finding out about his death I was shocked, how could my dad leave me?

After kissing his forehead I had loads of questions in my head, however, I did not want to tell my mom or anyone about what happened and what I felt after kissing him.

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Then a few days later, I started to think about what it was why was it cold. I thought that it would be interesting to investigate about it and I started researching the causes for a dead body to become so cold and soft. I feel as though, this is what led to my passion for forensic science; the idea of experimenting and testing different aspects of crime scenes is what interest me the most. This led to my research about this field of study and the topics within, and found that it would be pathology.

From this experience I had an idea of what I wanted to pursue as a career later in life. However without the proper resources and understanding I didn’t fully grasp what to do. When I became a sophomore, I started thinking about what I wanted to do in life. I knew my interest in my dad became one of the steps towards my career. When all of the flashbacks came I started getting ideas about what I wanted to do in future, and what I am interested in doing in my life to make my parents proud; something that I am very interested and will enjoy doing in the future. I started looking up majors and studies for the Forensic Science field and looked up something that related to what happened to my dad, because I wanted to find out how his body turned really cold and soft.

Then I started to research about the field of study from where I would get all of my questions answered from, and then at last from all of the research I finally knew what I wanted to study in future and it was pathology/Criminal Law. I took interest in Forensic Science in 10th grade when we started to pick our classes I saw on the course selection paper all of the choices of the courses we could pick. I scanned through the courses that they offered and were of an interest to me. While I was looking in the science section the choices included: Environmental Science, Forensic Science/Astronomy, and Physics. In the end, I chose the class that I was most passionate about, Forensic Science, and I can say that it was the best decision I made.

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