My Mother as My Hero

Everyone has different heroes, for some people their heroes have special powers. Well, my hero is my mother Carol.

She is the most hardworking and supportive person I know. My mother is now 43 years old, she has three girls and one boy. She worked at Housekeeping department for 5 years but transferred to Sports Bar as a food runner this year. My mother has a big impact in my life because she is always there for me no matter what and she gives me the best advice when I am having a hard time.

She believes that I can achieve anything, my mother influenced me to finish my education, and made me go out of my comfort zone.

My mother helped and showed me that I can achieve anything as long I put my mind into it. She also taught me how to be a good person, for example respecting people that are older than you. When I don’t have confidence, she motivates me to believe in myself that I can do anything for example, this year in sports not having enough confidence in myself made me think that I will not play a game like what happened last year not playing at least one game.

Sometimes when I need help with my homework, my mom will not hesitate to help me even though she doesn’t know it.

My mother life wasn’t easy like what I thought because she never showed or told how she struggled unless we ask her about her life.

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Growing up, my mother used to work every summer when there’s no school at her Aunty to help her family. With all her hard work and dedication my mother graduated college and became a med-tech. She migrated to United States in 2013 after being separated from us for about three years. Coming here, she had a hard time finding a job because she couldn’t use her degree in United States. Instead, she had an opportunity to apply in Housekeeping at Four Season.

Another reason why she is my hero is because she influenced me to finish my education in highschool and to graduate with honors. My mother inspires me more to attend college and pick a career that I am interested. When I was in elementary, I used to struggle in Language Arts and Math but my mom made me realize that if I work harder in school, listen and pay attention to the teacher and ask for help. I can understand the topic that is being taught to me more. I am a shy person but my mother inspires me to look up to her, a person who have confidence in herself.

My mom also made me go out of my comfort zone. Coming from a different country, I didn’t want to meet new people because in my mind people might judge me. Living in Lanai, afterschool I would head home do my homework and just watch t.v. The only time, I would talk to my peers would be in class. She wanted me to join sports and school clubs so, I could interact with my peers more rather than staying at home and this is what I actually did when I entered high school. I followed what she told me, now I am part of Leo’s club for almost 3 years and I joined one sport which is tennis. I never thought that interacting with your peers can be fun and exciting.

She might not have special powers, but my mother is my hero. She has the qualities of a hero. My mother is someone that I can talk to and encourage me to do my best. My mother is that type of a person that doesn’t give up and tries her best all the time, and she always have confidence and I want to be like her someday. Someone who always believe in herself and can achieve anything.

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My Mother as My Hero
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