My Beloved Mother Essay

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Her name is Salina Binti Yusoff. She was born at 22 June 1960, 3 years after our country got its independence. She is the youngest in her family of ten siblings. My mother have five sisters and four brothers. They are part of my big family. Let we tell you about my mother background. She didn’t get any education because her family is not ability to support her studies. As an eldest sister, she must be take care of her sisters and her brothers.

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Sometimes, she helps her father and her mother at the farm and always prepare for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She likes sewing and gardening. She married with my father when she was around 27 years old. After many years, she got my eldest brother and three years later my sister was born. And the last, I was born in 1997. She is a the kind and responsible mother. Every morning, she prepare the breakfast for our family and make sure we brought the food to school.

At the same time, she likes my friend because I always share my problems with her. She is very concerned about her family especially about our health. As her daughter, I love her very much and never person can replace her in my heart. She is a great mother to my family and in the world. I hope, I can be like her in the future. I promise with myself that I want make her life happy and hope she is proud to have are her daughter.

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