My First Time Camping

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Put the paddle in the car’, that’s what my dad said to me as we loaded up our van to go. As was usual my dad always like doing stuff like this. Not ready camping,more like a community of cabins. It was the middle of the summer it was a good time to go. We were all happy so we grabed our stuff and jumped in the van,for adventure. It takes about 2 hours to get there, but that’s the best part.

It’s kinda fuzzy now but somehow we t.v and lots of good food during the whole ride. Riding with the whole family. We would listen to music joke around it was a really good time.

It was always a great feeling pulling up to the cabin. To see the all the family out. All of us looking for a good time. ‘were here’ my dad said. First thing first we put our stuff in the cabin and begain to set up.

‘What do you want to do’ my brother said. They had all type of activities, all we had to do was pick one. This was a family place, so there were a lot of kids our age. Now my brother being the lady’s man he was, was always trying to talk to girls. Being that this was a family place there were alot of girls around. so there was this huge center there, were all the kids went. The first thing we decided to do was play in the arcade.

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Me I was having a great timea, I always loved comeing here. The games pool made this a great place to be.

While I was playing games I ended up making some cool friend’s. We got a idea to play a game called cool Runnings, It was a racing game. It’s real simple you sit in the driver set and try to win the race. But to make it more interesting we decided to bet. It was small bets a first but it keep getting bigger and bigger. So I had lots of luck that day because they bit off more than they could chew. I was really good at the game lol. We started to head back to the cabin,but I just wanted to sit by park for a while. Then a group of girls came up and my brother got there attention. My brother started talking, the girls starting talking back. Before you know it we were having a good time.At the end of the day we exchanged numbers and went back to the cabin.

Now my brother being who hes is spent the next week talking to on the phone to these girls. I was still young so I did have ambition to be like him yet. Over and over night after night, he would talk to these girls. Finally the time came for us to pack up our stuff and head home. Did you have fun’ my dad said. Great time can’t wait to do it again I said. About a week later I hear my mom screaming Michael get down here right now. So of course I ran down to. Turns out those girls he was talking to were from another country so even though they were right there they we getting billed as out of state, to the tune off $300. Quite funny and that was one of the great lesson I learned always check the area code lol.

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