An Opinion on My First-Time Voting in the Presidential Election

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This past election was my first-time voting. I can honestly say that I was very disappointed in the outcome. Mr. Trump has proven not to be able to make America Great Again, but my question is: when did it ever stop?

In light of the Presidential Election, I think that Donald Trump will be bad for America. One of the reasons why I think he will be bad for America is that he wants to build a wall but have Mexico pay for it instead of the American people.

He is really hoping that Mexico will pay for this wall, but we know that they will not be paying for it. Since this is a roadblock in his plan, the American people will be taxed to get it built. I do not think this is fair to tax the people for something that he promised in his campaign. Remember Mr. Trump was adamant during his whole campaign that Mexico would pay for the wall just at the drop of a hat.

Another reason that I say he is bad is that he wants to replace Obamacare with some other health care insurance, so he can create more jobs and get American citizens off of welfare, but he does not have a better program to replace Obamacare with. It is one thing to want to replace it, but not having a replacement to help the American people who are depending on Obamacare is neither sound and/or rational thinking. I do not think Donald Trump understands how much people are struggling to make money and pay for health insurance.

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He also wants limit restrictions on guns. I do not feel that is a good idea because if you limit the restrictions on guns, you give people who really don’t need to be carrying guns the wrong mindset to get a gun and they might end up hurting themselves, someone they love or someone they don’t know. Innocent people seem to get hurt the most.

In President Trump’s opinion, he thinks President Obama’s presidency was not for African Americans because the unemployment for African American youth rose during his presidency. President Trump says that he will do more for African Americans in a year than Mr. Obama has ever done in his eight years of being president. In my opinion, all President Trump cares about is making America white again. He doesn’t care about African Americans or what we as a people have to offer. Also, President Trump believes that the Black Lives Matter movement is “trouble.” For one, I don’t think he completely understands why the Black Lives Matter movement occurred and the significance of the movement. Even though he may believe that black lives matter, it doesn’t mean that he can say that the movement is “trouble.” President Trump believes that police are the most mistreated people in America. Even though I respect police officers, I do not think that they are the most mistreated people in America. I think that those who are the minority are the most mistreated in America. In addition to believing that police are the most mistreated people in America, he also supports police stopping and frisking. He says that it’s “tremendously useful beyond belief.” This is another issue that I don’t think he understands. When police stop and frisk, it causes more tension than there needs to be between African Americans and police. If you say that the stop and frisk policy is a good idea then police will think that since the president says it’s okay, they can do it more than they have ever done before. This also means that people of color will be stopped and frisked at an alarming rate. People of color are 26 times more likely to get stopped and frisked than whites.

The last issue that I say that makes me think President Trump is bad for America is he says that doctors should be punished for abortions. In my opinion it is the woman’s decision to have an abortion, especially if it’s a case of rape, incest or if the life of the mother is on the line. In these cases, she has the right to abort the child if she wants to. The doctors don’t force the mother into having an abortion, and therefore should not be punished for doing the abortion. We should be moving forward and adding to what President Obama has done the last eight years. At the rate President Trumps is going, our country is headed in the wrong direction. When you give someone like Mr. Trump this kind of power and he is not a capable individual, I only see very little good going forward for the American people. For the above reasons, I think that President Trump will be bad for America.

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