My Experience in Syrian Civil War

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My name is Sana, meaning brightness and radiance. Me and my family are from the city of Aleppo in Syria, which has a population of 1,602,264 peoples. We have traveled over 1,500 miles to go from our home in Aleppo to Europe. My family has 6 family members including me, which means it’ll be harder for us to get places. There’s my two little brothers, me, a little sister and my mother and father. Life in Aleppo right now is chaotic.There is an outbreak against Assad which started in 2011.

Gladly, Aleppo did not see the large protests or the deadly violence which occurred in other towns and cities in Syria.

In Syria right now, there are many many reasons to leave. One of them being our leader/president Bashar al-Assad. He has been our leader since the year 2000. He’s a man who ordered his own military to shoot unarmed protesters, which me and my family is absolutely wrong. He’s also a man who has used chemical weapons on his own population/country, therefore killing his own people.

But the other reason that my family and I are wanting to leave so badly is The Syrian Civil War which started in March 2011 which is also led by President Bashar al-Assad. It is against the separate forces of Islamic State and rebel Syrian fighters. This war still has not ended, this war is very dangerous.

In numerous ways, Europe has attracted both me and my family’s eyes. One being the free and better healthcare system.

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It means that we can have a better healthcare support for us, even though we are foreigners. Which can mean a lot due to us being part of the Syrian Civil War. We may even have things going on with us that we didn’t even know that we had! Going to Europe would also be benefitting both me and my family because of the amount of opportunity we would have there. We could have a brighter future living in Europe than staying in Syria and we would have better work offerings there too.

Some say that to get better in anything, the first step or starting off will always be hardest. I personally believe this because my family and I had to go through many many things for us to be able to go to Europe. We’ve had to pay different smugglers throughout the journey and beg them to get us to different places. We’ve also experienced dangerous raft rides going through the Mediterranean Sea, we had to steal them for us to be able to travel. We’ve also snuck vehicles and found ways steal vehicles for transportation and my dad has experience with cars from his older job that he had back in Syria. I also have a fake ID for me to get a driver’s license within different countries throughout our journey.

Within the journey with me and my family, there were multiple difficulties but there were also memories made, especially when you are close with your family. During this incredible journey, it’ll be something that I will definitely remember and will be something that I one day tell my future children about. Telling them how I risked my own safety for a better and brighter future for all me, my family and my future children and more! While on this journey, I met many people who worked in illegal jobs like smuggling and theft. It also showed me cultural differences and I am happy to get to explore that and to be able to explore more of it in Europe too!

I, of course, have hopes for my new life, which contain getting a good job where I will be able to support my future children and family and much more! Now that I am safely placed in Europe, I will be moving to the United States independently. This means that I was in fact, granted asylum and I will be getting a “green card” when I arrive there. I plan on getting there and moving to New York City for modeling and fashion purposes. I have always wanted to get involved with that kind of thing too! But it will take up to 45 days for it to be granted asylum and about 5 years for me to be able to get my “green card”. I don’t at all regret making this trip with my family, although it was dangerous, I don’t regret chasing my dreams to have a brighter future in a country that doesn’t have a war occurring there!

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