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Essay Examples on Causes of the Civil War Paper

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To write a good essay on Causes of the Civil War, first, you need to get an idea of what to write about. To get inspiration, please go through our essay examples on this topic.

1st Essay Sample on Causes of the Civil War

The tensions between the North and South were really high because of the dispute of slavery in the new territories.The North, who was more industrial, wanted the new territories to be free of slavery. On the other hand the South, who was more agricultural, wanted slavery to be prominent in the new territories. Considering this, the three main decisions and actions that lead up to the Civil War was the dispute over slavery in the new territories, the Kansas and Nebraska act/bleeding Kansas, and the election of Abraham Lincoln.

The First and and one of the substantial factors contributing to the Civil War was the dispute over slavery in the new territories.Originally the North and the South agreed on the Missouri compromise which entailed that all the territory above the border between Missouri and Arkansas (36th Parallel)would be free of slaves, excluding the already slave state of Missouri; leaving the South with the remaining territory below the border of Missouri and Arkansas.This plan worked for about fifteen years until California applied for statehood. California’s constitution prohibited slavery which outraged the South because most of the giant state was below the 36th Parallel.So, two Senators, Henry Clay and Stephen Douglas proposed a compromise called the Compromise of 1850.This compromise stated that instead boundaries for slave and free states, the states had a choice on which side they wanted their state to be on.But this plan only applied to the new territory soon to become states. So the New Mexico and the Utah territory now had the ability to choose whether they wanted to be a free or slave.Just like Utah and New Mexico, California now had a choice to be a slave or free state with now alterations. So, California voted and ended up becoming a free state like they wanted to in the beginning. This lead to many people rushing to the territories, trying to make the new territory free or slave.

2nd Essay Sample on causes of the civil war

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The American Civil War was a military conflict between the United States of America (the Union), and 11 secessionist Southern states, organized as the Confederate States of America (the Confederacy).It was the culmination of four decades of intense sectional conflict and it reflected deep-seated economic, social, and political differences between the North and the South.One of the major causes of the Civil War was the seemingly endless political disputes over slavery in the Mexican Cession and Louisiana Purchase territories.It was imperative that the Democratic and Whig political leaders maintain harmony between their Southern and Northern supporters, thus, the platforms of both during presidential elections like that of 1848 tried to avoid that particular slavery question.However, the extension of slavery into the new territories was one of the largest issues of the time, and with growing opposition from the North, evasion of it became increasingly difficult.Another significant cause of the war was the growth of different responses to antislavery practices such as the Underground Railroad and reactions to runaway slaves and the Fugitive Slave laws that spurred from all sections of the country.Finally, there was the economic distress factor, of both foreign and domestic roots, that included everything from tariffs to the financial crash of 1857.These in turn caused sectional disputes over the use of the federal government’s public lands. In early 1848, when gold was discovered in California, “a horde of adventurers poured into the valleys.””Free-soilers” and “slaveryites” argued over the proposed issue of slavery in the territories, and thus, whether the terrain itself was suitable for a slave economy.

3rd Essay Sample on Causes of the Civil War

‘Discuss the view that secession, rather than slavery caused the Civil War” Although during the conflict both the Unionists and Confederates may have strongly believed that secession was the sole cause of the war, we can see now that this is not the case. This is reinforced by Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address on March 4, 1865, in which he stated that slavery “was, somehow, the cause of the war”. This is due to slavery having been the prime reason for thefirst Southern states seceding, which in turn started the war. The fact that the South’s real reason for secession was slavery is stated plainly in the’Declarations of Causes of Seceding States of Georgia’, which said “We must either submit to degradation, and to the loss of property worth four billions of money, or we must secede form the Union framed by our fathers, to secure this as well as every other seecies of property”. The question remains though, why did the Southerners feel that their’peculiar institution was threatened’? Lincoln may have said “I believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free….

It will become all one thing, or all the other”, however, by this Lincoln did not mean the abolishment “will be in a day, nor in a year, nor in two years. I do not suppose that in the most peaceful way ultimate extinction would occur in less than a hundred years at the least; but that it will occur in the best way for both races in God’s good time, I have no doubt”. Instead, he and the Republican Party only wanted to halt slavery’s further spread, forcing the remaining slavery to slowly’wither and die’. The North’s wish to stop the further spread of slavery was because of the territorial acquisitions which had added six states to the Union, five of them were slave ones.

4th Essay Sample on Causes of the Civil War

When the states united to form a national government, they could not envision the far-reaching changes that would overtake the continent in the next 100 years.The seeds sown in colonial times resulted in cultures of people as different as the landscapes they inhabited.This and the incredible growth of an ever more-educated population pushed their diversity to a breaking point. Could the weak union withstand the powerful divisions of economic necessity and manifest destiny as a single nation, or would issues such as slavery, inhibited economic development, discouraged education, and states rights shatter the dream’The answer would come in How will we live’The South, with its lush climate and vast tracts of fertile land was perfect for large plantations.The major cash crops were tobacco and cotton.”Cotton from the American south, grown mostly by slave labor, furnished three-fourths of the world’s supply” before the 1850’s.Southern staples provided three-fifths of all American exports, earning foreign exchange that played an important part in American economic growth” (McPherson 39).The Western territories beckoned with promises prosperity and wealth. However, as the south envisioned expansion of their way of life into the west, the northern states were having increasingdifficulty reconciling the freedoms promised in the Constitution with the At the same time that the South developed a master/slave mentality, the North extended more freedoms to its population.The work force was diverse and well educated.The free laborer was not a slave to his job because he could take his talents where they would lead him.He had the opportunity to advance his station to one of ownership.In addition, the structure of the family was changing during this time.

5th Essay Sample on Causes of the Civil War

When the Civil War finally broke out, it was because of a build up of tension due to the conflict of slavery. The nation was divided into two sections, north and south, and the debate over whether the country was free or if slaves could be owned went on between them. Many elements were involved in the debate to alter the opinions of those arguing, and were major factors in the start of the war. These elements included the different events, people, and issues that contributed to the tension. Major events in the start of the war were those such as the Dred Scott Decision, the Kansas Nebraska Act, the Fugitive Slave Law, and the Election of President Lincoln.

The Dred Scott Decision was a Supreme Court case of a slave named Dred Scott who was suing the state of Missouri so he would be freed because of his master’s death. The court denied him his request and his rights to sue because slaves were not citizens of the country and not eligible to sue its courts. This was an important event because it helped bring slavery to an emotional level by making people in the north realize how the slaves were really only considered property. The Fugitive Slave Law also brought slavery to an emotional level. The law said that northerners must help return run away slaves.

The northerners didn’t like this because they felt they were helping to spread slavery. The passing of the Kansas Nebraska Act brought popular sovereignty to the union. People of the north and south started acting upon, what they felt was their duty, to influence those voting for whether the new state would be a free state or a slave state. Battles began over this and as a result came Bleeding Kansas, in which antislavery and proslavery settlers fought each other for the position of the state as a free or slave state. One of the most important events was the election of President Lincoln.

When he was elected, the south was afraid he would abolish slavery.

6th Essay Sample on Causes of the Civil War

As members of the Futurist of America Association, we have been assigned to look specifically at the cause of the American Civil #War. There are five aspects that could of led to the Civil War and they are Westward Movement, Social Change, Froeign Policy Development, Government/Politics Development, and Economic Development. Out of the five aspects, Economic Development is the best reason for the eventual Civil War. First, Westward Movement could of led to American Civil War because of the Louisiana Purchase, Wilmont Proviso, Kansas-Nebraska Act, Popular Sovereignity, Compromise of 1850, Missouri Compromise, “Bleeding Kansas”,California Gold Rush, Manifest Destiny, and the Mistreatment of Native Americans. The Louisiana Purchase was done by President Jefferson because he wanted to doubled the size of the United States and to get control ofNew Orleans.

Wilmont Proviso was to ban slaves from territories that might gbe aquired from Mexico. Kansas- Nebraska Act was the result of Douglas wanting to build railroads from Chicago to San Franciso. Douglas was a big believer in popular sovereignity, where the people have the right to decide if they want to be free of slave state, and he completely ignore the Missoure Compromise. The Compromise of 1850 stated that should be equal number of free and slave states. The Missouri Compromise said that any state above the latitude of 36 30′ can not be a slave state.

“Bleeding Kansas” was where people were fighting over the issue of slavery and cost many American Lives. The California Gold Rust occurred when gold was discovered in California and people rushed out to California.When California apply for statehood, it cause huge problems because North and the South wanted control of the gold in the state. Manifest Destiny was where Americans believe that they had the right to expand westward.

7th Essay Sample on Causes of the Civil War

There were many causes of the Civil war.When you trim it down there are three main reasons for the civil war.They were sectionalism, unbalanced power, and last but not least Lincoln.Lincoln’s was the final insult the southerners would take, because of the formation of the Confederate States of America.The southern states did not feel or act like part of the Union.They were very behind in technology.Most of the population of the country was in the north; therefore the south had less power politically.Almost all of the southerners hated or disliked Lincoln. The southerners believed that they should have their own section ever since the slavery and industrial growth period, although the southerners was not loyal, productive, and giving to the entire Union.It was very productive in some means to itself.The south heavily supported and enforced state rights.The entire Union’s laws and rights were mostly ignored by the south.The south believed that the north was exploiting them.The south bought most household equipment from the north.This gave the north most of the money from the south.The north hardly ever bought any trade from the south besides the occasional cotton and tobacco.The south blamed their loss of cycle of the money on the north, instead of themselves.The logical solution was to have the south build more industrial factories.The north’s industry was rapidly climbing and growing at practically ten fold each day.The south however did not grow at all; it basically stayed at the same level for years.The geographical position and climate determined that the north would be most profitable from industrial businesses.The south’s climate and position made it most profitable from agriculture, especially cotton and tobacco.

8th Essay Sample on Causes of the Civil War

So was the Civil War about slavery?Absolutely.If the discrepancy over the issue of slavery had never come about, the South would not have discerned threat to its culture and the southern politicians would not have been as likely to seek “their right to secede.”But was slavery the only basis of war?No.It was also about the constitutional disagreement over whether or not a state had a right to leave the Union, and the continuation of antebellum southern culture.Although the majority of Southerners had little interest in slaves, slavery was a chief interest of Southern politicians and therefore the underlying cause of the South’s desire to seek independence and state right. Slavery was the source of the fiery debate only to be fueled by other issues.Basically the South wanted and needed it for survival of their economy, North saw it as an evil and that its existence in the South was a blot on the National honor.At this time the labor force in the South had about 4 million slaves.These slaves were very valuable to the slaveholding planter class.They were a huge investment to Southerners and if taken away, could mean massive losses to everyone.Slaves were used in the cultivation of fields of tobacco, rice, and indigo, as well as many other jobs.The South especially needed more slaves at this time because of the growing cotton industry with the invention of the cotton gin.Cotton production with slaves jumped from 178,000 bales in 1810 to over 3,841,000 bales in 1860.Within that time period of 50 years the number of slaves also rose from about 1,190,000 to over 4,000,000The plantation owners in the South could not understand why the North wanted slavery abolished that bad.Southerners compared it with the wage-slave system in the North.They said that the slaves were better cared for then the free factory workers in the North.

9thEssay Sample on Causes of the Civil War

What led the Southern states to secede from the Union in 1860 and 1861? There were many factors that led to the 12 states secession from the Union.And yes, I said 12 states.Missouri seceded in 1861 only to rejoin the Union a short time later.These states had been a part of the Union for over 80 years.To dissolve these seemingly unpermiable bonds there had to be many differences in views on both sides. The election of 1860 was perhaps the most important election of all time. Both parties had already stated their positions on certain issues.They were on opposite ends of the spectrum on all issues; except the one that noted that there was great tension among the states.Each party was very militant in their support of certain issues including slavery.One issue was the admission of new slave territories into the Union.This was something the Republicans were very adamant about.They believed that slavery was wrong and should be outlawed.(Doc. 1) The Southern states took this as a direct hit upon their lifestyle and culture.Slavery had been apart of the South for over 200 years. Slavery at the time was in decline among the Southern states; mostly because people realized how wrong it was to own another human being.But the North was to busy to realize this.The Republicans nominated a staunch abolitionist Abraham Lincoln for president.

Lincoln declared that, “Government cannot endure permanently half slave, half free.”This was in stark contrast to the opposing party.This party could not however,come up with a single candidate, and they split the ticket.Breckinridge represented the South while Douglas represented the other Democrats. By splitting the ticket they ruined any hope of ever beating Lincoln.Lincoln ran on the abolitionist platform.Many Southern states vowed to secede if Lincoln was elected President.

10thEssay Sample on Causes of the Civil War

America has been through much in it’s existence.We got our nation started with the Revolutionary War.America had the slavery problem and of course the Civil War.We were thefirst to land on the moon.We have one of the strongest countries in the world today.America hasn’t always been strong.In it’s early years America actually had a struggle. America’s government wasn’t stable.Wars were putting the nation into debt, and taking the country’s men.America has had a bitter-sweet existence with lots of ups and downs. This report will be over the years from the start of America to the Civil War.I will show how America developed up into when the Civil War started, and how the way this country developed actually caused the Civil War, the worst war this country has ever been a part of.One of the big reasons for the Civil War was slavery. It was an everlasting question at this time period.There were many big events that had to do with slavery.I will tell how events such as the Dred Scott Case, Fugitive Slave Act, Missouri Compromise, Kansas-Nebraska Act, Bleeding Kansas, and the Compromise of 1850 eventually led to the breakout of the Civil War.Another reason for disagreement between the states was how the government of the United States was being ran.There were problems of states rights, unfair legislature representation, there were also strict tariffs such as the Tariff of Abominations.There were other causes for the Civil War, such as the Gadsen Purchase and the political parties of the time.These are more random events. These events also contributed to the split of America.

This report will show how strong America really is. After you get done reading this paper you will be amazed that we are still liveing in this great country, and that today America is a world power.

11thEssay Sample on causes of the civil war

During the 1800’s it was a time a time of a lot of turmoil between one country which was divided to North and South halves.This was the United States.The country was torn between one simple factor, slavery.This factor soon caused a war with in the country which would be known as the civil war.There were many key factors that led to this war, they are as follows: the great compromise of 1850, the Kansas-Nebraska act, Lincoln-Douglas debates, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, the Dred Scott Case, Bleeding Kansas, John Brown’s raid, the Elections of 1860, Abolitionist movements, the Wilmot Proviso, and lastly the firing at Fort Sumter.These were probably the most important factors in leading to the Civil War, and they all played huge roles in sparking the start of the war.In the following paragraphs you will find out how each of these factors contributed top the Civil War. The annexation of Texas and the gain of new territory from the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo sparked turmoil between the North and South, concerning the slavery issue.This was immediately met with violent Southern opposition.Then when California asked for admittance it sparked another crisis.Another issue was the bordering of Texas.There was even some fear that the South may leave the union altogether.However, President Taylor did not feel the country was threatened; he favored admission of California as a free state and the same with New Mexico.There were also other arguments saying that the South should be given equal guarantees of equal position in the territories.Henry Clay proposed a series of measures be passed as an omnibus compromise bill.He gained a lot of support form Stephen Douglas.

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