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Causes of the Civil War Essay

The tensions between the North and South were really high because of the dispute of slavery in the new territories.The North, who was more industrial, wanted the new territories to be free of slavery. On the other hand the South, who was more agricultural, wanted slavery to be prominent in the new territories. Considering this, the three main decisions and actions that lead up to the Civil War was the dispute over slavery in the new territories, the Kansas and Nebraska act/bleeding Kansas, and the election of Abraham Lincoln.

The First and and one of the substantial factors contributing to the Civil War was the dispute over slavery in the new territories.Originally the North and the South agreed on the Missouri compromise which entailed that all the territory above the border between Missouri and Arkansas (36th Parallel)would be free of slaves, excluding the already slave state of Missouri; leaving the South with the remaining territory below the border of Missouri and Arkansas.This plan worked for about fifteen years until California applied for statehood. California’s constitution prohibited slavery which outraged the South because most of the giant state was below the 36th Parallel.So, two Senators, Henry Clay and Stephen Douglas proposed a compromise called the Compromise of 1850.This compromise stated that instead boundaries for slave and free states, the states had a choice on which side they wanted their state to be on.But this plan only applied to the new territory soon to become states. So the New Mexico and the Utah territory now had the ability to choose whether they wanted to be a free or slave.Just like Utah and New Mexico, California now had a choice to be a slave or free state with now alterations. So, California voted and ended up becoming a free state like they wanted to in the beginning. This lead to many people rushing to the territories, trying to make the new territory free or slave.

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