My Doubts and Thoughts About Leaving to College and Moving Away from the Family House

I honestly have not the slightest of reasons to leave, My mother and father both showed me great amounts of love and support. They truly trust me, whichever friend I’m with and lest it be past 2:00 AM, they trust that I will be home safe I have always been incredibly independent, well, emotionally. I fought through years of crippling loneliness and depressing thoughts, all on my own and with a few friends, But, my parents and family hadn’t the slightest of clue.

I really don’t know why I hid all that from them, because I knew for sure they would support me. I am excited to graduate high school and move out with my friends for college, but I fear for all the financial expenses, and the little time I will have to enjoy myself and my Video games. Most likely I will end up working a job through college. It really softens my mind that they are willing to go into debt just to pay for my college, I am incredibly hopeful I will be able to pay them back, and more, some-day for all they have done for me.

Really, I am both excited and incredibly fearful for my future. I constantly worry over whether or not I will make it as an aeronautical engineer. My parents constantly have reassured me though, just as they did in the past. But, it really doesn’t help a whole lot. I’ve never expected or truly wanted them to be there for me, but perhaps this is just me being independent all along? Either way, my parents have been amazing, trusting, and loving parents to me, and my life has definitely improved.

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On my own, I defeated that loneliness and sadness throughout my life, and came to accept my ADD and ADI—ID as not a problem, but as just the way I am. While I am definitely ready to leave the house and start my life, I still love them and will miss living under their roof and protection dearly. I can’t ever do anything to thank them enough.

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