Mumble Rap and Lyrical rap

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Mumble Rap vs Lyrical Rap

Mumble Rap and Lyrical rap are two different yet similar styles of rap. Mumble Rap is a newer style rap favored mostly by the newer generation of listeners which instead of relying heavily on hard hitting lyrics or a complex verse, structure relies heavily on the beats used, the rappers cadence, autotune, and at times even the rapper’s image. The name Mumble Rap is a blanket term and does not accurately describe every artist that is categorised into that genre as artists can come on the scene with one style and later prove to be very versatile.

Some artists considered Mumble Rappers would be Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Pump, Future, and Kodak Black just to name a few. However whenever an artist is very hard to understand or lacks any sort of lyrical prowess, they are considered a Mumble Rapper. Lyrical Rap on the other hand, is considered at time just rap or OG rap.

However some newer artists are put into this category, for to be considered a lyrical rapper, you must be able to form together a good 16 bars without any filler bars, garbage lyrics, or heavy reliance on the use of autotune. Normally your lyrics consist of deeper meanings, punchlines, metaphors, and much more. Some newer artists that would be put in this category are Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Logic, or Denzel Curry.

They are similar as although many believe otherwise, both styles are rap. Both speak on some similar topics. For example, although mumble rap may be more monotonous in terms or subject matter, lyrical rappers do tend to touch upon subjects such as having sex with many women, getting money, killing other people, growing up poor, or really being about “that life” just as much as mumble rappers tend to.

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Both styles can even crossover without such a deep contrast being present as the heavy hitting trap beats normally used by mumble rappers can easily be rapper over by a lyrical rapper. Even though many deem Mumble Rap as useless as they say it lacks substance or real subject matter. There are songs by mumble rappers that touch upon very important issues at the time being. So the late XXXTentacion’s songs about depression and suicide can be just as helpful as Kendrick Lamar’s pro black or politically oriented songs. We have seen this very frequently recently with the late Lil Peep’s songs about substance abuse or even the smash hit XO Tour L1f3 from Lil Uzi Vert that touches on heartbreak and substance abuse. Although the supporters of Lyrical Rap may say Mumble Rap has no place in Hip-Hop, but the similarities they share couldn’t make those claims any further from the truth.

Now although many qualities are shared, it’s important to remember that these are still two different sub genres of rap and the differences are easy to spot. For example, the spacey beats used my Lil Uzi Vert on songs like 20 min will always sound acutely different from Boom Bap beats on songs such as Triumph by Wu-Tang Clan. Not to mention that although Mumble Rap can have some depth or subject matter, it pales in comparison to songs from Lyrical Rappers like Eminem. There’s no competition when complex rhyme schemes from Eminem are put against the catchy yet simple cadence of Lil Uzi Vert.

Peer-Editing Worksheet: Comparison and Contrast_Draft 1

Peer Reviewer: Yoseiry CastilloAuthor: Robert Pabon

Date: 11/05/18

Read your partner’s essay and answer the following questions clearly.

1. Which approach to Compare/Contrast (Whole to Whole, Similarities to Differences, Point to Point) has the author used? The approach Robert used was Similarities to Differences. He began his introduction by introducing descriptions and his comparisons of Mumble Rap and Lyrical Rap. He then started a paragraph listing all the similarities between Mumble Rap and Lyrical Rap and another paragraph listing some of the differences that they had as well.

2. Does the essay have a clearly stated thesis? What is it?

The essay does have a clear stated thesis which in this case is that Mumble rap and lyrical rap are two different yet similar styles of rap.

If author is using Whole to Whole or Similarities to Differences, does the essay treat the same or similar points for each of its two subjects? List the points discussed below.

First subject Second subject

1. Subjects lyrical rappers touch on. 1. Subjects mumble rappers touch on

2. Style can crossover to mumble can crossover to lyrical.

3. Substances & subject matter that lyrical rappers touch on 3.Substances & subjects matter that mumble rappers touch on.

Are these points discussed in the same order for both subjects? Do any points need to be relocated? If so, which ones? Where should they go?

The points are discussed in the same order for both subjects because it is combined into one paragraph about their similarities.

Are transitional words and expressions used appropriately to make the points of comparison and contrast clear? List the transitions that are used.

Are additional transitions needed? If so, where?

Both, similar, although, yet. Are some transitional words the author used.

Additional transitions are needed in areas where you want to compare or contrast one subject to another, allowing the reader to know that you are changing from one subject to another and making it smoother as well.

How could the introductory paragraph be improved? How does the author “hook” the reader? The introductory paragraph could be improved by summarizing the similarities/or differences of the subjects to make the intro shorter.

The first sentence of the introduction makes you want to keep on reading to find out more about the subjects similarities and differences.

Does the paper have topic sentences? Are they effective? How could they be improved?

The paper does have topic sentences that are effective because they suggest in the first sentence of each paragraph what the paragraph would be about.

How could the concluding paragraph be improved?

No concluding paragraph done yet.

Do the examples the writer provides allow the reader to understand clearly what is being compared? What can the reader learn from reading this comparative analysis?

The author uses examples like artists that are considered Mumble and Lyrical Rappers as well as songs by artists that touch upon the subjects matter that mumble and lyrical Rappers talk about to allow the reader to understand clearly what is being compared which in this case is Mumble and Lyrical Rappers.

If the author uses quotes, are they properly introduced? If not, note areas where this needs to be done.

The author does not use quotes but he can add some in areas that need more support to make his points clear and easier to understand.

Are secondary sources cited – in parentheses, with footnotes and/or in the body of the text (eg. ‘According to MIT physicist Dr. Ann Jones…’)?

No secondary sources cited.

What is original about the author’s voice/language?

The use of words he uses to explain his points while connecting it to examples and to transition.

Is anything repetitive?

Nothing is repetitive.

What are the main areas the author needs to focus on in terms of mechanics?

Run on sentences, commas and punctuation.

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