Literary Analysis of "Tyranny of the Titans" by Catherine Cunningham

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The author of “Tyranny of Titans” is produced by Catherine Canning, who supported her poem with the three main literary terms which are sound devices, figurative language, and imagery. The author uses these devices to create an expressional poem that needs deep thinking to understand its actual meaning of it. This gives us reader’s better to experience and comprehension of what other poems are meaning and helps us think critically and analyze. In the poem, she uses literary elements to create the structure of “Tyranny of Titans”.

The author uses several literary terms throughout the poem. For example, at the beginning of, “Tyranny of Titans”, a sound device is used when it states,” Our world whirls wildly, spinning on chaos”. This would be proving that alliteration is being used, which is a sound device. The words “world”, “whirls”, and “wildly” are what create alliteration. This is not the only example, inline-six states, “Media manipulates, mangling the truth”. The letter or sound is repeated constantly to create a fluent sound starting with the letter “m”.

Alliteration is just one of the four terms used as sound devices. There are other terms used in the poem like consonance and assonance which are commonly used. Consonance is used in line eleven stating, “Leaders” self-serving, deaf to the voices” is a good example because of the sound “s” that is repeated throughout the line. For assonance the repeated sounds would have to be vowels just like inline nine, “Citizens questioning, left with no choices”, the sound “e” is repeating to create assonance.

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Many more sound devices can be read and analyzed throughout the poem.

The next literary term is figurative language, which are creative phrases, used in poems that have another meaning to them. They are used to create different explanations for what is being said. Line five has an example of figurative language which is a simile. It states “Countries combative, like posturing panthers”, this proves that it’s a simile meaning that the countries are being compared to posturing panthers. In other words, trying to say that countries around the world try to stand or show that they have more power over one another. Line seven and eight have both simile and hyperbole, the line reads, “We are the minions seeking answers, crushed like aluminum under a boot”. Hyperbole can be analyzed at the beginning of the sentence when the author says, “we are minions seeking the answers” this refers to the people who feel small looking for explanations and answers. A simile is also used again when the minions are compared to aluminum under a boot. The real meaning behind the sentence is that we are small people that are being ignored by the leaders around the world.

The literary term imagery is one of the most creative terms because it helps the reader have a better imagination about what’s it like being in the story or what they can see. It can be analyzed at the beginning of the poem when the author talks about the world whirling wildly, this helps you imagine how fast things happen and what’s going on all around us every day. This would be an example of kinetic imagery, which means objects that move on their own but in the literary definition. It is also used in line eleven when the author describes voices being deaf. It helps the readers imagine how the leaders around the world are deaf and even ignore us.

The poem “Tranny of Titans” shows the creative work of the author that used these elements to create such a poem. It also gives meaning and definition behind it to give a message to the readers. Once we the readers understand it we can analyze the type of poem that it is and its structure. In the end, the meaning of the poem is that “Titans” run our world meaning the powerful people who decide to ignore our voice and point of view. Even though there is more that could be written about the topic, the author does a creative job by haven written a short poem but with a bigger message left behind.

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