Leadership of Henry V and Deanna Cunningham

This sample essay on Henry V Leadership provides important aspects of the issue and arguments for and against as well as the needed facts. Read on this essay’s introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Deanna Cunningham Leaders in today’s work environment are faced with challenges that are similar to challenges faced in the past. Although technology has caused our challenges to be on a broader scale they still represent the same issues that have been faced for years regarding confidence in leadership and how to foster leadership.

While in battle Henry V gave his soldiers the freedom of choice to fight with him or if they had the desire to leave, they could. He would not consider them deserters. By doing this he won loyalty and devotion from his men.

Henry used rhetoric skill to achieve this result. He did not want his men to leave due to his small army size but he made his men believe the small army size was more desirable.

This type of rhetoric is unquestionably invaluable in the leadership role. As Gardner stated, “Effective leaders heighten motivation and confidence-if diminished leaders have a hard time leading” (p. Xv) The film ,Henry V, clearly show leadership development, has gutsy leadership, and shows the five exemplary practices of leadership. A leader needs to carry trust and credibility if he wants his followers to believe in him.

Leadership Henry

Henry showed doodling the way by his behavior throughout the movie. Souses and Posses wrote,” Model the way is when titles are granted but your behavior is what wins you respect.

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Be a good example-live what you say. People follow first the person, then the plan” (p. 14). An example of how Henry V stood by his rules and consistency is when Parabola was to be hung for stealing. He remained strong to his values and had his friend hung. You could see by Henrys face this was painful for him but he wanted his men to see they could trust him to stand behind the principles set forth. In Leadership Engine Itchy mentions the need for edge.

The king shows his edge by his decision. This example can be used in any workplace. When a manager is friends with an employee they could easily allow that employee to perform at a lower level and still be given the same high performance review that another employee who excels Is given. If other employees see this they would not trust that manager and then would not respect or follow that mangers lead. A manager needs to lead by example. The friend would need to be evaluated fairly and if necessary, let go. Current leaders must have their rules consistently applied for them to be credible ND see their visions realized.

Henrys speech at Saint Crispin inspired vision to his followers. This follows Souses and Poser’s theory of inspiring vision. They wrote that dreams or vision Is the force that invents the future. Leaders have a desire to make something happen. Leaders have to enlist others In a common villous(p. 14). Leaders must see the big picture to have a vision of the future. A true leader wants to share the vision, not be self servant for their own goals. They must look at the good of the whole organization. Blanchard and Bowels wrote in Gung Ho-Gift of the Goose. This is cheering each other on.

Wild geese fly thousands of miles each year and they do It by cheering on another every Inch of the way, honking encouragement. All leaders could learn a lot from this analogy. A leader cannot achieve great outcomes alone. It takes a team AT Delivers. A leader must provoke a goal Ana mission. Henry V used rhetoric in his Saint Crispin speech when he motivated his soldiers by appealing to their sense of honor. He states, “They have come so far, how they can turn back now? ” His men, although feeling despair believed they needed to intention the fight because it is what was right to do and they believed it.

In a work place great leaders have to make sure their employees know the goal. The leaders must practice good communication, they must make their employees feel like they are part of the team. Leaders and their followers need to look at the future and imagine things that can be and how to achieve them. One cannot continually look in the review mirror. If one spends so much time ruminating in the past they will never be able to prepare for the future. Many people will see the glass as half empty instead of half full. These people will find excuses and problems where others may find learning experiences.

A comment I read once said that, “The present is but an instant that separates yesterday from tomorrow. ” A leader needs to provide the focus of the direction they are heading, the goal that is set. A leader does not have to be born as a leader. Leaders can develop anytime in their lifetime. To become a leader one must be able to create a lasting influence in the minds of people and make them believe that whatever the leader is doing is for their benefit. Being a good manager does not make one a good leader. It has been said that managers deal in efficiency and leaders in effectiveness.

A manager is happy that the work place is going smoothly. A leader wants things to change for the better. Henry the V was not born a leader. He developed his leadership over time. He learned leadership was about the we and us not the l. In his speech at Saint Crispin he constantly referred to we, us, our. Never Just himself. This is a sign oaf true leader. Leaders must be enablers to those followers around them. An example of this is when Henry V allowed York to lead the battle. He had faith in his ability to perform his feat. This is also an example that leadership can be displayed at all levels not just the top.

In any organization leadership can be shared by many. Scheme (1992) wrote,”the most salient aspect of future leadership will be that the desirable characteristics will not be present in a few people all the time, but rather will be present in many people some of the time. ” Souses and Posses wrote about a statement of Larry Boswell, CEO of Honeywell. Boswell answered to the question how one doing as a leader with is,” How am I doing as a leader? The answer is how are the people you lead doing? ” (p. 1) A great leader will have the desire to make a difference.

They will use their power to make that difference. Everyone has a natural attraction to power. One must remember that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Power can play into the human weakness. A great leader will not abuse their power. Although Henry V was a great leader his ego used his power to put his men a great risk continuing the war when they had so fewer men than the French. The fact that his men had such faith in his leadership they fought with such confidence they were able to win the battle. Any company can have this same type of environment.

A leader can make their followers feel the desire to make certain choices that are not favorable to the mission and vision of their company. Even though the choices are not in line with the organization’s mission positive outcomes can still be accomplished. In this case management would look favorably on the choices instead AT negatively. 10 De cutlets an organization needs to De In constant learning. Leader needs to have hope, optimism, and a sense of power. One can use rhetoric as Henry V did in his SST. Crispin speech to persuade those around them to follow the company’s goals, mission and vision.

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Leadership of Henry V and Deanna Cunningham
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