Let the Sea Set You Free 

For me, a location that best helps me relax is the beach, it is always calm and quiet with a steady cool light breeze coming of the ocean. The weather at the beach abides almost always beautiful, the sun is always shining, and the waves are always crashing. It is different than any other place; it always brings a bright adventure. I go to the beach to get away from all my problems and anxiety that is bringing me physically and emotionally down.

When I go to the beach, the feeling of burning hot sand beneath my feet and in between my toes comforts me. I always stop and observe the power of nature and just how beautiful it can be. I go to the beach simply for relaxation, pure beauty and utter entertainment.

The bright beaming sun blinds you as it rises from the horizon; creating beautiful colors throughout the brisk morning sky. Often early small crashing waves, washing up the nights rubbish onto the shore of the beach.

The perfect sand shown without footprints covers the platform as far down the beach as you can see. Comforting, an amiable salty ocean sea breeze ripples through your whole face and silky hair. Local beach shops start to prepare for there day; opening their doors, they quickly hustle out all of there beach products chairs, umbrellas, games, bathing suits and lots more. As you look out to the sea, you can spot the beautiful cruise ships on the ocean’s edge.

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The fishing boats are cruising along the shore setting out to sea. Abandoned, nothing was left to see other than a few seagulls picking at the stinky garbage left from visitors before. The ocean breeze continues to blow as people young to old start to arrive with the biggest smiles all across there face.

Appearing are cold drinks, sandwiches overflowing out of coolers and sandy bags and beach chairs carried over both shoulders. Walking down the hot ocean breeze gust through your hair, as you stop and stand where you can taste that fresh salt air because it is oh so strong. You can hear the sound of the seagulls swooping over your head eyeing your yummy food, the large and small waves crashing up against the shore, and the strong scent of sunscreen quickly surrounds the beach. As you get up out of your chair, you spring as your feet softly hit the blistering hot sand, listening to children giggle as their sand castles had been demolished by the powerful waves crashing every few minutes. Sitting there for hours with your toes in the water and your butt in the sand you continue to feel the warmth of the sun beating down on your sunkissed skin. Satisfied knowing if you get too toasty, you are only a few steps from the vigorous cold ocean and instantly feel relief of your blistering skin. To peacefully lay on a float or tube in the vast open water and to feel as if you are part of the sea. Not only to feel but to hear the folding waves and the hungry seagulls, is an extreme state of relaxation.

Many people also like to go to the beach for a fun recreational activity as well. You often observe first thing in the morning, individuals running miles up and down the beach. The volleyball nets are strung up tight in the wind and the hammocks tied tree to tree sway loosely in the gentle breeze. People always discover something enjoying and fun to do while at the beach. It may be; playing volleyball, frisbee, racket ball, or playing various types of water sports in the ocean. Although for some, it is just plain relaxing and continuing to be lazy by laying in the hammocks or out on the sand. My desire is being relaxed and just taking in everything that is going on around me. It is so calming to watch the palm trees gust freely in the wind or the many teenagers leaping to make the ultimate shot in the volleyball game. Excitement cheers as the volleyball are wonderfully played back over the net. Everyone still with the biggest smiles and laughs shown throughout their faces, showing an enjoyable time.

Towards the end of the day when things are winding down, parents are sitting there relaxing carelessly on the seashore reading their fascinating books and laughing away. The ocean spray lightly sprinkles onto their crisp sunburnt base like the touch of a soft feather. Outstanding sand castles are left still standing free in the wind, and waves are crashing onto land as the sun fastly falls in the distant, like it is sinking into the bright blue water. People continue to giggle and laugh at jokes as their day unwinds and comes to a beautiful end. A splash of colors shown in the sky as the sun brightly sets, and once again the beach is left empty with the rubbish of the visitors. The floor of the beach is almost decorated by the garbage, with different colors, shapes, and sizes, but the beach still silent, and lonely. Only the light sound of waves crashing against the soft sand remains. The sun is setting. The waves are crashing. People are laughing under the beautiful sunset as they embrace every moment. Lastly, I am left relaxed walking down the shoreline of the beach, feeling the slowing sand squish between my toes. The beach is a place I will always turn to when in need of entertainment, beauty and relaxation.

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