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Davor: was until she forty, Angela Mary Sutherland bravely held on the socio-compliant side of life. Your job: Employees in a building society, reliable and committed. Her home: home in Harrison Mews, South Kensington. Milieu: “a cobble-paved small stage of impasse with dinky row houses, the facades berankt with wisteria and flowering clematis.” Her family: unmarried, lives with her mother-term care.

Then Graham Attwood enters her life.. His attractive figure, his winning smile conquer without resistance. She loves “Gram” idolatrous, it can willingly with her move, shares everything she has with him and finally even takes a multi-year prison sentence upon himself to protect him.

So that he can pay the legal costs, she leaves her home to him.

But the man is the devil incarnate. “Totally relaxed” he makes his selfless patron in jail “rot”. Her love turns into painful hatred. Only high doses of psychotropic drugs they survive the time. In the end, it is destroyed, “eaten personality, just like my memories” their

Then:. A good five years later, the devil still drives his successful game. Angela however, sits again in custody: This time it is accused of murder. However, the Commissioner examined has no ambitions to invest a lot of effort into finding the truth. For the desolate, malodorous suspect is hardly capable of delivering clear messages to their recent whereabouts, not even about themselves. “Angela Mary Sutherland?” The name she did not know. “Lady Bag” is her name, and is better known them as “crazy old quirk with dog”.

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She mumbles something about her dog Elektra, where everything was noticed and a “devil” with “network of eight-legged Lies … I’m his fly – caught in its sticky threads”. Recyclable is from the tangled stuff small, then bagged the head of the “Lady” exhausted on the tabletop. Besides severe symptoms of alcohol abuse, the homeless of bone fractures and rib contusions is drawn

In between:. After her term to Grams favor Angela saw her mother (the misery did not survive) robbed of their health, their status and their property. A stroke affected her ability to speak. She found neither work nor hold and landed immediately in the gutter. Her only friend was Elektra, a washed up Greyhound dog with arthritis, their owners for other races become worthless should be euthanized before the destitute Angela she adopted.

Angela’s eyes and words we learn from life at the bottom of society, and the drop height could not be greater, we’re in the City of London, one of the most important and most ruthless business places of the globe. If Lady Bag begging at Piccadilly Circus or in the West End, it has to listen to degrading sayings. A dog is easier here attention (and a pound coin) as a person, “This is for the Greyhound, not for you.” In Hyde Park collects leftover food from bins and uses the public restrooms. “Outside,” sleep better “inside” where they put the bedpost in her shoes and carefully to their belongings must place so that you will not steal; because here the “bottom” have lost some of any scruples and some goes it dirtier than Angela.

Accompanied by cheap Algerian red wine, painkillers and tranquilizers and loyal Elektra, with which she leads trusting dialogue, to Lady Bag beats the heart of the booming metropolis by a needs-loose life. to describe such an existence authentic is the real concern of the author (which itself has relevant experience). The emotions eaten, flayed the body, the protagonist feels her condition yet as “redemption”. The key is to give up the false hope to “re-entry into society.” For all applications for a job, an apartment, for acceptance will remain in vain. Who can finally drive “the great Blenderin” hope to win true freedom. Where there are more “no further traps” can “cease to hope” and “concentrate on survival.” Now it’s time to learn what arrives at the passing yuppies “top”, so that they pull the trigger a few eating. “Karma shit” always attracts, and of course the bandaged doe-eyed animal.

Meanwhile, the plot takes a criminal thread on. While Angela zockelt with Elektra on the Trafalgar Square, Graham Attwood crosses their path in the company of a fine lady. A recognition need not fear the hunchbacked homeless. Like “dissolute curly felt” swells her graying hair from his wool hat, pull broken capillaries bluish-violet her weathered face, several layers of clothes fluff up their form to formlessness, only bedroll and backpack give it shape. It is “not even a ghost could haunt him,” and in any case he has “erased from his memory” long. Now he rises alone in a taxi and ordered it to Harrison Mews …

Before the Theater an opportunity, the new companion of the devil arises soon at the risk indicate that it is in danger, “Horn You mARNE Weinung. ” But who would understand the babble of a alkoholvernebelten Jammer figure, “according to the dirt feet and London Gully smelled”, let alone take seriously?

The queen moves with her friend about it, but Lady Bag does not give up. You have to go to Harrison Mews where Gram has apparently ensconced comfortably. She enters the house, and chaos breaks over them in. A comforting bath with “hot jasmine water,” a pool of blood, a rude awakening, a ride in the ambulance, on the chest, a “Louis-Dings-da-purse” in the emergency room they are called “Mrs. Munroe, or may I Natalie call?” … “I did not understand all that.”

Almost slapstick comedy standard is initially on. Our strange “survivor” leaves the grotesque events of the next few days simply to roll away. You learn a transvestite know and refers to her an apartment in a high rise. Ironically, the two strip so that a real estate shark good services, the homeless infiltrates, scaring to Altmieter. So Lady proves Bag as a “woman who can solve almost as many problems as they caused,” and it is not surprising that they can not escape at the end of the omnipotence of the devil.


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