Bag or Serious Trouble

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The story of the film, “Run Lola Run,” is about a bag man by the name of Manni who loses a bag full of money on a train minutes before he must deliver it to his boss Ronnie. With no time to spare, he must make a call to his girlfriend Lola in hopes that she can obtain 100 marks from her dad who is a rich banker. Lola must now run through the town and make it to her boyfriend with the money by noon or else Manni will follow through with a risky plan to gain back his boss’s money.

The protagonist in this film is Lola because her whole situation throughout the film is trying to help Manni get the money back and stop him from doing a terrible crime. Even though she is not the most innocent protagonist, she is not the worst. At the beginning of the film, Lola’s moped gets stolen which leaves her incapable of picking up Manni after he first retrieved the money.

This forced Manni to take the train and accidentally leave the bag of money behind. However, even though the problem in the story is somewhat because of Lola, it is not her fault Manni left the bag behind. Lola is the protagonist because she is trying to be helpful and be the “hero” to her boyfriend’s dilemma.

The antagonist in this film in my opinion is time. Everything revolves around time and it is what makes the characters desperate for more of it.

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If Mannie did not have to meet his boss with the money so soon, they wouldn’t be as rushed to get the money back. If Lola did not make it to Manni by noon, he was going to commit a terrible crime. If Lola did not have her moped stolen and was not where she was at that time frame, she may have been able to pick up Manni and they could have avoided all this conflict. Timing is of the essence and if not used wisely, it can be detrimental.

The story of Run Lola Run is different from other films in the way that it communicates information to the viewers. In most films, there is structure throughout them and everything makes sense. Usually, there is one beginning, one climax, and one end that is provided. However, in this film, we are provided with multiple endings and are lied to. Run Lola Run breaks rules and twists up the story leaving us watching the same story multiple times but with a different storyline and outcome each time. The film messes with normal film structure and is more of a formalistic narrative rather than a realistic one.

In this film, figuring out the intrinsic interest is difficult. I believe the intrinsic interest in the bag. I think the bag is the intrinsic interest because it is what the story revolves around and without it, there would be no story. The bag is first displayed in the hands of Manni when he was looking for Lola to pick him up on her moped but was not there. We then see the bag again on the train with Manni and again after he leaves it behind and a homeless man picks it up and takes it. We continue to see the bag throughout the story multiple times as the different outcomes are played. The bag is the main object in the film and it is what Lola and Manni need or else major trouble will arise.

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