The following sample essay on “Sight and hearing” tells vision and hearing are generally believed to be the two most highly prized senses. How would your life change if you lost your sight? How would your life change if you lost your hearing? Which sense would you find more traumatic to lose? Why?

Humans have five senses sight, touch, scent, hearing, and taste. These five senses are essential to human life, and without these five senses, the daily life of the average person would be much more difficult.

A person losing a sense or born without a sense can seriously have a huge impact on their life and it will be hard for them to get used to it. Each of these five senses have an important role that helps us function in our day-to-day life; sight is the most important sense because it allows us to be able to see, also allowing us to connect with the world and people.

Sight gives us the ability to become aware of movements and to see colors, as well as it keeps us safe, the touch sense gives us the ability to feel things it allows a us to have sense of environment and the ability to view potential dangers.

For example, if a person sees the tip a needle they will infer that touching the needle maybe painful given its sharp edge. Scent sense that allows us to smell things and has the ability affect taste, another thing that it helps us with is breathing which is very important for our respiratory system, the hearing sense gives us the ability to hear things, it helps to learn and communicate with people around us and the taste sense helps us provide information about our food, it gives us a sensation on the types of food and prepares us to digest food, also the taste alerts us if the food is bad or good.

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That is why it is important to understand that the senses that we use for our day-to-day life allows us to do many things and losing or born without one the sense can be very difficult to live life. How would your life change if you lost your sight? How would your life change if you lost your hearing? Which sense would you find more traumatic to lose? Why?

My life would be completely different if I lost my sight, without my sights I would have a very hard and challenging life with many difficulties to live with. For me, losing sight is a big problem because it stops me from doing many things, I wont be able to enjoy and discover new things life they way I used to and that is a huge impact on my life. Without my sight there are many things I cant do, for example, I will always have a hard time interacting and socializing with my family and friends, I cant go out on my own I will always need someone or something to guide me with direction and I wont be able to do the things that I like, which is playing sports, going to the movies and going out with friends. So, my life would have a completely different view without having sight sense.

my life would be different if I lost my hearing sense but not as different as losing my sight. If I lose the ability to hear the biggest and the most challenging issue that I would have is communicating, interacting and listening, having a hearing sense can provide me with information like sounds and what people are saying but it would difficult for me to do all those if I lose my hearing sense. Sounds are very important especially the emergency sounds like a fire alarm and police sirens but because when you hear those sounds a person automatically is alerted that someone or something is dangerous so if I dont have my hearing since I can have difficulty understand the difference between sounds and what type of sounds.

Comparing the sense sight and hearing, I think the sight is the most traumatic sense to lose because it is the most important sense of a human. Again, without sight, it is difficult to imagine how things are and how the world looks like. As a human, we use our sight all the time and we do many things using our sight in our day-to-day life and we visually process things that around us, so without having the sense of sight we are enabled visually process things, which makes things very difficult in the day-to-day life. Losing sight can stop you from being aware of your surroundings and the environment, so that is why I think that sight is the most traumatic sense to lose in a human.

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