Kindness as Quality That Is Expressed in Many Different Ways

The following sample essay on “Kindness as Quality That Is Expressed in Many Different Ways”: discussing theme of kindness an norm qualities.

Kindness. A quality that is expressed in many different ways but makes us all the same. Human. Yet, an exemplary virtue that only some have the capacity to withhold. Kindness is anything and everything you can do in your power to change the world for the better. The question is, how? Recognition. Improvement. Appreciation.

For example, countries such as Sudan who’ve been experiencing massacres and genocides for years on end are not even given the global recognition that people even my age have given through social media.

Instead, tabloids and news channels are more concerned with keeping up to date with the hundreds of millions of pounds that are still being donated to a section of building that burned down earlier this year, And that’s selective privilege. In addition, people with autism are somewhat given recognition for their condition but not so much for their rights.

Like when only for the government to decide to take it away.

I feel as if this topic serves purpose to making society a kinder place because other majoring or controversial topics, although maybe not entirely resolved, are still being discussed almost every day. Whereas, the minority of people who suffer from disadvantages regarding diagnosed conditions and third-world country rights are never given the rectified justice they deserve. And I hope that my essay will give people, everywhere an insight on the reality of their situation.

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Improvement. I remember, when I was growing up and I heard about poverty, world hunger and homelessness, the information that I received about those topics installed this idea in my mind that they could never be resolved. Because the extent to which people were suffering and honestly still are suffering was so drastic that it just seemed beyond my reach.

But something has changed. Because earlier this year, a building, of all things was set on fire. And not even a week later, hundreds of millions of pounds are suddenly available for donation. Which just comes to show that people do have the ability to solve those global problems, but they choose not to. And that’s the issue. With that money, I reckon we probably could have put an end to world hunger. An end to all the long- awaited crisis’.

In order to make society a kinder place, we have a long way to go. Before world domination, we need world peace. Before we move forward, we need to take a look at where we are now in society, globally and progress from there. It’s going to take a long time but I believe if people listen to what I and many other have had to say, we can make a difference.

And last but not least, appreciation. Saying thank you to your dinner ladies or men at lunch; the person who delivers your mail every morning; the person that collects your recycling and rubbish bins every week. The list goes on… Even if they don’t say you’re welcome back- because that is the key of kindness. To exhibit the unconditional act of giving without the underlying intention of receiving something else in return. And that’s why I’m here today. Not to just win an award for the outcome of it, but to show that kindness is the award, with or without credit. Thank you.

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Kindness as Quality That Is Expressed in Many Different Ways
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