Juliet Waiting For The Nurse

This paper example reveals the main arguments and ideas related to Romeo and Juliet.  Imagine you are Juliet waiting for the Nurse to return from seeing Romeo at Frair Lawrence’s cell. Write your thoughts.

Oh Nurse, Nurse, why does it take you so long to ask my dear love Romeo? I love my Romeo but my husband has killed Tybalt, my dear cousin with his own hands. But he is still my love and I still love him more than anyone else in this world.

Tybalt is dead, and Romeo is banished. I cannot believe it. What else is going to happen to me? I s Romeo going to be killed? This is like losing my whole family. Are father, mother, Tybalt, Romeo and Juliet going to all die? Romeo is banished. I thought ‘there is no end, no limit, measure, bound’ in the word death. I will never stop crying for Romeo’s banishment until I see him with my own eyes, until I am in his soft comfortable arms.

Sample Essay on Romeo and Juliet

Oh dear Lord, I am now going die a widow without losing my maidenhead to Romeo. I want night to come now. Please come now Romeo and keep me away from my tears. Where are my father and my mother? I want to go weep with them over Romeo’s banishment although they are weeping over Tybalt’s death. Is tonight going to be the last night I will ever see Romeo? Oh Romeo, I want you to forever be with me.

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Why does the world have to do this to me, to take Romeo, my only husband away from me?

There is no chance I will ever marry Paris. Romeo will always be my one and only love. My father and mother will never understand why I married Romeo. They just will not understand my mind. I do not have any feelings towards Paris whom my father and mother want me to marry. The only reason my parents want me to marry County Paris is because they want me to be married into a family with wealth and a title.

How dare Nurse criticise Romeo? How dare she? Does she not know how much Romeo means to me? I cannot believe she said ‘shame come to Romeo’. But did she not realise the reason why Romeo killed Tybalt was only because Tybalt killed Mercutio? Poor Mercutio is neither a Capulet nor a Montague but an innocent friend of Romeo. How can Nurse only blame my husband and not blame Tybalt for getting himself killed? Now I am alone. Nobody is with me. Everybody, even the Nurse let me down. I am going to turn against her. I cannot believe Nurse would not tell me it was not Romeo who died. I remember thinking to myself ‘hath Romeo slain himself?’ I am still petrified and confused. Nurse really angered me when she said’ o Tybalt, Tybalt, the best friend I had’. I do not like it when she exaggerates.

I reflected my thoughts ‘o serpent heart, hid with flow’ring face!’ How does Nurse have a right to offend my husband and say he is a murderer? She even asked me ‘will you speak well of him that killed your cousin?’ How can she even ask that? I will never speak badly of Romeo. I love him so dearly. I therefore argued back to Nurse’s question ‘But wherefore villain didst thou kill my cousin? That villain cousin would have killed my husband’. If Romeo did not kill Tybalt, Tybalt will definitely find a way to kill Romeo. And that will be even worse. Romeo gets killed. I remember telling the Nurse ‘my husband lives, that Tybalt would have slain, and Tybalt’s dead, that would have slain my husband’. I hope Nurse manages to deliver the ring I sent to Romeo.

Will mother and father force me into marrying County Paris? Will I have to make myself fall in love with him? Then what will happen? Will my dear love Romeo risk his life to come back from exile secretly to find me? How will he react if he saw Paris trying to kiss me? Will he then kill Paris and get himself executed? I will officially have nothing left on earth. No father, no mother, no Nurse, no Romeo and no Paris. Will I still want to live this meaningless life?

Dear Lord, please do not let anything else happen to me. Can you please ensure that my dear cousin Tybalt lies safely with you forever. Please can you take away the grief of my father and my mother? Please bring peace to Verona and stop the feud between the Capulets and the Montagues. But most of all, please guide Romeo to my bedroom tonight so I can spend one night with my husband. Thank you for everything you have given me Lord. A-men.

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