Isla Swan girl Lucy Christopher Review

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As a young boy Graham was fascinated by the whooper swans that winter after their long journey from Iceland to Australia here on the lake behind grandpa’s house. This love he passes on to his daughter Isla. Papa Graham has a sixth sense: He senses when the swarm in V formation comes flying and driving the lake. Then he wakes Isla – you are there – and the two immediately run outside to get away from the heavy animals that revolve so easily their orbits, and the shining light of their feathers reflected to be enchanted.

Papa and Isla head out into the nature reserve. Through the binoculars they watch as the birds approach slowly and go into the descent. The town has electricity poles strung with cables without warning balls and dad and Isla must prevent the catastrophe. They run along the lake, waving their jackets and jump up and down to deflect the animals. But the first are already too close and die in the burning ropes.

The others rotate in and fly on.

During the strenuous run on the lake Papa collapses. Weakened, he worked for a long time, and the trip to the lake was now simply too much for him. He should immediately to the hospital where the suspicion that he had confirmed it at heart: He is seriously ill; you will need to transplant him a heart valve.

Isla is a very sensitive girl with good observation. She feels guilty at Papas collapse and can not concentrate on anything more.

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Only Papa is still important – and a female Cygnet, which completely lost and alone on the lake behind the hospital draws its tracks. Why is it not in his flock? Have they left it ill? If Isla takes care of it, it will make Dad a great pleasure.

At the hospital learns Isla Harry know who has leukemia and is waiting for a bone marrow donor. From his window he can see the girl when she is on the lake and approaching the strange young swan. In his monotonous, heavy and arduous clinical practice it is the welcome change and exciting distraction.

Lucy Christopher sensitive one with “Isla Swan Girls,” written soulful novel. Although they have to let the existential themes, a loved one die, very seriously edited, their language is so easy, so imaginative. Hope and disappointment, setbacks, treatment methods and its painful effects on the human body does not save from. At the center of the novel is Isla whose soul under the almost unbearable burden to worry about two terminally ill people suffer. She knows of old myths that predict death when a swan flying over a man, and the swan song, the last song that hears a death Santander before he goes; in her nightmares she sees the two middle of the swarm of whooper swans skyward fly.

By Isla takes care of the lonely swan female who is not afraid of her, has always trusting is and can even stroke, she has an active task. The doctors are fighting for the life of the father and friend, and she will do everything to find the swarm. When the young bird has enough practiced flying with her long, he will take off from the lake and find back to his group. Similarly, Dad long to fight for his life after death has knocked on his door. Finally, but he will return healthy in his family, and Harry will find a donor.

just have to go out this extremely challenging children’s book, which is recommended by Chicken House from 11 years, positive. In the course of action the nerves of young readers are strained to the limit. A delicately strung child is quite identify with Isla, share their fears -. A terrible end could there hardly cope

Every child will ask questions, because sickness and death in this age not familiar subjects. It takes an adult partner. Dear parents, you take the time to read together with your child your – there is nothing more precious. By the way, Lucy Christopher’s debut novel “.


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