Influence Of The Fusion Concept of Utopia

Brothers Naum Gabo and Antoine Pevsner are two Russian brothers who were the initiators of this architectural movement. They were the writers of The Realistic Manifesto, highlighting the constructivism movement. (arch hist) Constructivism was one of the most influential modern art movements of the twentieth century in the USSR. Many of the more influential Russian artists, who supported the movement, soon became spokespeople who vocalized their opinions on constructivism. It inspired many of today’s modern works of art as well.

Constructivism used construction to replace the traditional artistic focus on composition. The artists found ways to make a completely different approach to making objects.

Looking at new ways to make objects required for modern materials to be technically analyzed. The Communist society was creating new goals of mass production. This is why the artist had to take a look at the modern materials. However, the movement between the constructivist artists’ studios and the factories was never able to be made.

The movement moved away from the kinetic, dynamic, and geometric styles of Futurist and Cubism architecture. The movement contains many communist ideals to symbolize the “New Economic Policy” of Vladimir Lenin. A new, modernist aesthetic was trying to be formed after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. Central to this style is both engineering and technology.

Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky had a spiritual abstraction that the leaders of the movement wanted to integrate. In 1919 the futurist artist Vladimir Tatlin designed the headquarters of the First Comintern in St.Petersberg which was one of the first constructivist structures.

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(arch hist) This structure i, also called “Tatlin’s Tower” , was known to be a more dynamic copy of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. (art story)A lot of the early works during this movement weren’t able to be actually built because of lack of financing. The majority of the beginning Constructivist works can be understood through theoretical models. (arch hist)

There was an early model that was made by El Lissitzky in 1919 called “Dynamic City” or Prounenraum. Influenced by the concept of merging a utopia. The theoretical plans that were made at this time inspired painters who thought to bring the utopian and every day together into a solution based on the new idea of communal living arrangements that were encouraged by Lenin. Central to this modernist type movement were the automobile and industry. The core of the buildings that were actually built was commissioned across Europe were parking garages and more efficient factories. Also, government buildings were being designed and commissioned widespread.

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