Increased Risk Of Identity Theft

Online social media has gained tremendous growth and popularity around the world and has attracted a lot of researchers around the world. Teenagers are the most enthusiastic users of this site, althotlgh every generation could accept the changes brought about by social networks. A variety of research in the field of online social networks has revealed that this site has a significant impact on the lives of young people, Teenagers affects positively or negatively when using sites like Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace It is inevitable to ignore the fact that social networks play an essential role in teen life these days.

Most young people spend at least one hour on this popular social media site In general, 1 minute out of 7 minutes sent by most people who have access to the internet will be spent on Facebook according to Shea Bennett. People are asking how social media sites can have a positive impact on spending all that time.

Well, social media updates teenagers and other users around the world and helps them connect and interact with each other, even thousands of miles away.

This strengthens the relationship, even though they have left school and moved to different places, even if they maintain relationships and renew each other, Social media sites also provided a platform for young people to build connections and opportunities for their careers by updating various topics to create and discuss groups and pages based on common areas The interviewed teenagers say that social media has become their lifestyle and that their lives are becoming easier and more efficienti Social network sites, on the other hand, bring people together and, on the other hand, create social isolation in relation to BBC news coverage.

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Teenagers tend to spend a lot of time on this site and rarely face to face. Studies have shown that social isolation can lead to emotional, psychological, physical, and mental problems that include anxiety, depression, and physical dissatisfaction, according to scientists’ evaluation. Other negative effects of social networking that many people have suggested include spelling and grammar, exposing minors to online criminals, allowing the spread of false information that is actually perceived, and allowing the working person to drop productivity , Provide a complete platform for cyber bullying, and provide details that increase the risk of identity theft. Social networking is a clear indication of positive and negative impacts on youth It is up to the individual to decide whether to continue using the site.

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