Immigrants Come in Search of a Better Future

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When you look at immigrations, they are coming for a better future, they want to provide for their family and to make sure their children can a better life. They come to the United States, to seek better job opportunities; however, they can face some challenges such as complex discrimination and laws established by the government for those who desire to become United States citizens. First of all, women, men and children will travel from all over the world, coming in search for a better life, some are leaving behind a life of poverty, corruption and violence in their own country, a long journey one would say, to find some kind life and work here in the United States.

In addition, they are met with some resistance, some are desperate and some with stories how they are fleeing from crisis all stemming from lack of economic opportunities. From “The American Dream” one man says: American dream is really the dream for the people who are willing to succeed and get what they deserve.

For example, some people cross over the US illegally, risking their lives to be deported and putting themselves in harm way; yet they still desire to come over to American. Furthermore, some immigrants will work for lower wages and poor working conditions; they will seek out specific labor force work like farming, cleaning & maintenance, and construction because these job doesn’t require much fluency in English or a high school or college diploma. Even though, the government are working really hard to remove the undocumented immigrants, the legal ones can have the life of the American Dream.

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They can go through immigration policy, become a permanently US Citizen so they can be allowed to use their rights to vote and their human rights. They can live and work lawfully and apply for better housing, schooling and jobs. Parents will sometimes force their children to study and work harder than anyone else in the world, to prepare them for their life in USA.

Immigrants comes to the United States with an attempt to escape oppression in their homeland to receive better opportunities to work and to raise their families in a less hostile environment. One thing that is very challenging for many immigrants coming into the United States, is having to deal with discriminations. Thought out history discrimination has played a part on how a person or a group of people are treated, they are faced with racial slurs all because they are different. In addition, immigrants both legal and illegal are faced with discrimination whether it’s violent or non-violent in the work place and sometimes in the streets. Furthermore, by discriminating against this immigrant and trying to drive them out of our country, it will interfere with their right to provide for their family, workers’ rights and human dignity. Immigrants often face discrimination by not being offered any life choices other than to take on the most painstaking and under paid jobs.

Immigrants are also facing the ignorance of the general public, which makes it difficult for them to fully take part and become accepted with society. Immigrants are still people, they may be different on the outside and come from different backgrounds but everyone still should have the right to be treated with respect and be successful wherever they chose to live. For example, when an immigrant get declined for a job it could be because they are not native to this land, or because of their race, gender or physical abilities they are being discriminated against and this is violating their workers’ right. Finally, all the people of the world belong to one family and that is the human family. Despite our heritage and culture, everyone is made equally and in the image of God, we must treat everyone including immigrants as part of the human race with self-worth. Discrimination take away from the immigrant’s self-respect by making them seem less worth of equal treatment in their God-given rights as human being.

One final challenge immigrants have to face is laws for the protection of the people in the United States. Immigration law is an interesting topic, because it’s becoming relevant for everyone in various ways, in our professional live or from us knowing immigrants. In addition, these laws are put in place and enforced thought out the United States to allow the illegal immigrants to become legal or be deported back to their native land. For example, there are systems like Border Control, National Security, and Family Unification all programs to help assist the government with a to step by step process on controlling illegal immigrants. Also Immigration laws is about non-citizens they are:

  •  Undocumented immigrants: here with a visa, but out of status because they over stayed their visa.
  •  Illegally immigrants: crossing the border without inspection or without presenting any visa
  •  Non-immigrants – “temporary status” people who come intending to visit with a student visa or visitor visa.
  •  Immigrants- people who intends to stay in the United States and make it their home. People with “green card”.

Immigration laws are put in place to be respected and established by to government for those who wish to make United State there home and have a lawful status. When people migrate to live in the United States they are called immigrants, some are faced with discrimination; however if they abide by the Federal Government laws they can become United States citizens.

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