Ice Hockey Is a Difficult Sport

There are many positives and negatives about playing hockey and being on a team. Hockey is the kind of sport that if you don’t start learning how to skate around three than it’s gonna be a lot harder to learn how to skate.​”​Until the mid-nineteen eighties it was generally accepted that ice hockey derived from English ​field hockey​ and Indian ​lacrosse​ and was spread throughout Canada by British soldiers in the mid-eighteen hundreds”​. (Britannica, par two).

Hockey is tough, it sounds easy once you can skate, but you have to know all the basics to be good.

The basics are like stick handling, without stickhandling you won’t be able to get past anyone. To score a goal you have to get past the defense and shoot the puck in the net in a spot the goalie isn’t. If you win the faceoff, which is where you and the other team fight over the puck the refs dropped.

Then if you win the faceoff and go to the other teams net the defense will try to stop you from shooting or take the body off the puck.If you get into gear for hockey then it is way overpriced, for skates alone that I have are about five hundred dollars but we got them for Three hundred dollars. You need a chest protector, helmet, neck guard, elbow pads, shin pads, skates, hockey pants,hockey gloves, hockey stick,and hockey socks and jerseys for the team you play for.

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For penalties in the NHL you can get penalties for tripping, hooking,checking from behind, checking,roughing,and if you get in a fight you get suspended for either a month or a two to three games. You can get good penalties like defending your goalie or teammates. If you get a normal penalty you get two minutes in the penalty box, which is where the other team has five guys on the ice and your team with the penalty has four guys on the ice. Now there is other types of penalty called a two and ten which is where you serve the two minutes and then get ten minutes added to your penalty for something like checking them in the head from behind. Some of these thing cause broken bones.These are some stats for players penalty minutes.

“The NHL is a sport that is full of contact, so naturally, players can grow extremely angry toward one another.” (The sportster, par one). Teammates don’t always get along which affects the way they play together. Players will usually pass to the people they trust with the puck and if you aren’t one them than you need to earn their trust. When they trust you it opens the ice to more passing choices for everyone. The better you know each other or get along well enough your passing will improve and you will be able to tell where they are going to be which means you can pass the puck in front of them and know they will skate into it. This sport has has many legends one of them was the golden jet/Bobby hull.” You just watched the golden jet single handedly knock off the detroit red wings”.(hockey you are the coach,page seven and par one.)There are many others like Wayne gretzky, and Gordie howe. They get few penalties.

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