I Saw a Man by Owen Sheers Review

London is groaning under a summer heat wave. The windows of the houses in South Hill Drive are opened to allow the passage may provide a little cooling. Michael Turner has worked in his garden before he goes over to its neighbors, listening through the back door if anyone was there. our mental cinema sets in motion – Shortly after this happened, “the incident that changed all their lives” The quoted sentence -., the first of the novel.

What could we expect from murder, kidnapping, terrorism, extortion and other evils? Meanwhile, we learn that Michael and the residents are well friends.

Almost every day he goes with them on and off, so he also allows himself probably confidentiality to enter without an invitation into the house. Evil does not seem to lead Michael up to. Until we see through the course of the fatal afternoon all, we read good hundred and fifty pages.

While Michael very calmly goes to space and space keeps his eyes open wide our detailed flashbacks the entire history of the protagonists.

In addition to Michael, Josh, his wife Samantha and her two daughters Lucy and Rachel  we come across all sorts of detours to other people and activities that span the globe. Since a major control of the US forces from a security lab out a drone on the other side of the globe to fight in Afghanistan terrorists. In New York, two brothers can hold just as water from the Dominican Republic as petty criminals. In a fascinating, initially puzzling, the fate of all these people are linked together.

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Michael has proven itself as a freelance journalist in London and New York, but his real goal is the writing. For this he has developed clear ideas: he wants to write novels that are based on authentic, intense researched principles and stylistically by featuring “the complete eradication of the author of the text”. When he meets the two brothers from the Dominican Republic, he sees his chance to experiment on a fabric. For years he accompanied the downward Vita of the two and ends up with her sad story a bestseller. Via intermediate stations – a respectable cottage in Wales, a brief marriage to a war correspondent – he moved to Hampstead Heath to distract with another book project and to give his way past out of control life again content and meaning

. his new neighbors, the Nelsons to take on the widower with open arms. Gaze, jogs and plauscht together, Michael helps in the garden and with homework, and all this also angeknacksten relationship does the Nelsons good. A broker at Lehman Brothers Josh leads a stressful life, garnished with plenty of alcohol and amusing women. Samantha closes before this reality long eyes and strives to maintain a facade of carefree joy, until you finally bursts violently once the collar. With the banking crisis Josh is of a job, and the domestic situation is still tense

Meanwhile, we are still feeling our way ahead in the mysterious opening scene until it is eventually out. Without that Michael may affect triggers his mere presence “at the wrong time, wrong place” a terrible evil out. Like a bomb in the ground, leaving a crater in the long to guess at once the vague outlines of buried objects more than can be seen, they will be encouraged by the tragedy happened and secrets close to the daylight, where they do not want to have some.

Unlike us readers nothing is clear for those involved. They are sentenced by the author to continue to grope in the dark, not being able to look behind the facades of their opponents. In fact, each his package of responsibility and failure has to wear, it can be advised to cautiously deal with the facts. Mistrust, suspicions, lies now determine the previously published harmonious coexistence. The person who holds the key to resolution in hand, hesitates. Would the truth not only the agony of the other bigger?

A writer, a broker, a US Major. Everyone goes in a different way to deal with the guilt that he has loaded up. This constellation, the author develops an action that holds many mysteries and always amazed again and again. Masterfully he holds all the strings in his hand, lets his characters physically and mentally suffer and generates a voltage that you can not know from the usual thriller fare.

The title ” I saw a Man ” In fact, it is a strange puzzle that can be joined together started us. As usual, many Episodenteilchen fit quite obviously in a striking gap interlock with each other and complement each other to form larger strands. But do not sway too early to safety. If you have a coherent, convincing overall picture in mind at the end, you will remain just a breath to look pleased by the result – because the author sweeps the entire panel with one bold stroke away


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I Saw a Man by Owen Sheers Review
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