I Found My Goals in Life That Fuels Me to Success

There are people in this world who will do anything they have to do to achieve the goal that they want to achieve. There are also people in this world who will receive every single thing handed to them with nothing to give in return. It is all up to the person’s decisions that decide what path they will go down in life. For me, the first option sounds the most appealing. I was always a go getter. Since I was a small child, I found ways to achieve the countless goals that I had, and I still do whatever I have to do to find ways to achieve the countless goals I will have in the present, and the future.

In High School, when I applied to Cazenovia College, my number one goal, was to make sure I did my very best when it came to getting grades. I told myself that if I am going to go to college, and spend a lot of money on tuition, and other expenses, then I must work my hardest for the amount of money I am paying.

I am glad I followed this ideology last semester, because my own advice led me to receive a GPA of 3.82.

After one semester of college, I already learned a lot about life. Living on my own, I noticed that what you do in this world defines the person you will be. I have heard that statement many times in High School, but one has to live it, in order to really understand what it even means.

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With that said, I came up with a game plan at the start of the spring semester. I said to myself, “Now is the time that you lay out what you want to do, and how you want to do it”. By saying that to myself, I decided to come up with a list of Professional Goals, and Ambitions for my life. I am a Visual Communications: Graphic Design Major. When I graduate, I am planning on finding a wonderful career, working for some sort of company or organization that offers Graphic Design services. That is a few years down the road, and I won’t be making any money until then. With debt piling up, I decided to try and offer Graphic Design and some Photography work on the side, as a way to make some money through college. This goal led me to currently

start and develop a business. In early February 2016, I purchased a domain name, and I am currently developing a website. This website will advertise my Graphic Design and Photography services, and will offer a way for people to contact me for any work they need in the Graphic Design and Photography field. My goal is to have the whole website designed and ready to be published by mid-March 2016. This business has been a goal of mine since I was in High School. I decided that now is the time to do this, so I can establish professional connections throughout college, and hopefully by graduation, I can leave this college with a list of professional clients I have worked for. My goals are already turning into something more than just an idea. This is a very good sign for what is in store for the future.

As stated before, a major goal of mine is to graduate, and find my way into an amazing career consisting of working for a company that offers Graphic Design services. It is a great starting point for my professional career, and looks amazing on paper. However, this is not my all-time goal in life. I eventually want to start up a company that offers Graphic Design and Photography services online, as well as in a brick and mortar business. This goal has been brewing inside my head for many years, and this recent decision to make a website that offers these same services tells me that the beginnings of turning this major goal into something real has already started, and that is extremely exciting for me.

Along with the goal to have a successful company, I am also planning on hiring a team of people to assist me on any projects my company will run into. I also want to give back to the community my business will be located in, by offering special regional discounts on any imaging services needed. Think of this idea as an “area code discount”. I have done business with companies that offer a much similar ideology to the “area code discount”, and it is paying off well for them.

All in all, I can honestly say that I have a very powerful drive when it comes to achieving my goals. My goals are the reason why I want to succeed in life. I cannot wait until I complete the next goal I have. This drive will get me somewhere, without it, I wouldn’t even be where I am today. I know plenty of people who don’t follow their goals, and they are not happy. When I ask them if they have any goals and if they completed any of them, they usually tell me that they have many goals, but never follow their dream and complete them. I always wonder why, but I guess the answer lies in the hands of the person who isn’t succeeding. My goals serve as a pathway for the future, and will always serve as a pathway for the future until the day I die, because that is just the person I am.

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I Found My Goals in Life That Fuels Me to Success
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