Statement of Professional Orientation

My decision to pursue a Masters degree in Social Work is motivated by powerful and unique factors, which are drawn from my professional, educational, and life experiences. I am naturally compassionate toward other people and have always been interested in supporting people and assisting them with whatever challenges and plights they face. Within the immediate circle of my friends and family, I’ve always been considered a steady and considerate source of advice and help; the problems which I have helped people deal with on an intimate basis include those related to substance abuse, child-rearing, and education.

Although I attained considerable experience in  helping people and in understanding their problems, it was not until I successfully aided my own step-daughter through a series of challenging crises that I determined my natural skills and interests would be better served through the pursuit of a degree.

I received an undergraduate degree in Human Resource Management, a field which I found stimulating and important: however, shortly after receiving my degree, I realized that

what I really want and what I feel I am truly called upon to pursue is a career through which I  can grapple with real-life problems facing real-life people and one which allows me to call upon my personal skills of compassion and understanding.

While I was working on my undergrad degree, I also served as a part-time teacher’s-assistant  in the University City School district. My assignment was to work with three kindergarten classes which held twenty five students each.

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This school was racially diverse: with children of  African American, German, Russian, Bosnian, and Asian descent. In my position at the school, I had the opportunity to help troubled children. I feel that my experience in this professional capacity opened my eyes to the severity of challenges and emotional turbulence which can accompany children in crisis. My experiences with young children in crises convinced me that Social Work was not only my true calling, but probably the most noble profession in the world. My experiences also instilled within me a fierce desire to be of direct assistance to children in crisis.

For the past two years,  I have worked as an Executive Director at a non-profit organization which  provides mental health services to survivors of torture. Because torture continues to be a severe problem all around the world, especially in countries such as Bosnia, Afghanistan, China and parts of Africa, I have come realize that taking the first step towards pursuing a Master Degree in Social Work is something I must do in order to provide the best and most direct form of help available to people, especially children.

My personal goals are to help others and make a difference in the lives of the mentally ill. I have attained vast experience in dealing with diverse people and in dealing with mentally ill clients and providing therapy to those clients. My experiences in crises-intervention, in teaching, and in personal support roles to my clients, students, and to my friends and family have been the best learning experiences of my life and have caused me to become a stronger, more capable and more compassionate person. Upon completion of my Masters degree in Social Work, I plan to  to establish myself as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I would like to start my career by working with young children who suffer from mental illness.

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Statement of Professional Orientation
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