Benefits of English Literature

The following example essay on “Benefits of English Literature” talks about English Literature enhanced analytical abilities and developed inference, which I can use in Psychology to create new ideas as to why we do what we do through these skills.

With three of my subjects being essay based, my writing skills are always tested and challenged, allowing me to improve how I structure and write my answers. These subjects, even at GCSE level, have really improved my English language in reading and writing, especially with the knowledge of me having to learn English from scratch from the age of eight.

These also greatly help me in understanding behaviour of others, as I can infer from their tone and body language to what they are feeling, letting me understand them on a deeper level. History, on the other hand, helped me improve my memory, with numerous key dates, names, places and consequences of them we need to learn. With this, my memory has been tested even more in History than any other subject, as I need to remember very specific information, allowing me to strengthen my memory overall which I then can use in school but also in my day-to-day life.

As to Biology, it has been really helpful in furthering my knowledge of Biopsychology and helping me in understanding biological aspects of Psychopathology, such as reasons behind mental disorders their biological explanations and medical treatments.

Throughout my schooling, I have been a selected as a Prefect, helped at open days and helped Year 7s with reading.

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These roles really helped my social interactions and helped me communicate with others in a certain manner, especially through the safe-guarding training I received. They also allowed me to experience how to understand and know others are feeling through the help I offered to lower years, or even my friends, when they had any problems.

I also took part in more adventures activities such as a weekend trip to Kingwood in year 6 and Explorers, which gave me opportunities to take part in activities such as kayaking, canoeing, camping and learning bushcraft skills. All of these really helped me developing my cognitive skills further, as my intellect was tested, both mentally and physically, and I was given opportunities that strengthened my social skills which will be great for project work and communication with others, especially if I were to conduct my own research with them.

I dedicate quite a lot of my personal time to creativity, such as reading, writing and expressing my ideas through art. I also love to expand my cognitive aspects through gaming, which has helped me a lot with decision making and my reflexes. When it comes to free time, I try balancing educational activities with my enrichment activities, which made it much easier for me to concentrate on school things outside of school.

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Benefits of English Literature
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