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Adoption of HR strategy to bring the employee back to original workmanship

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This paper discusses about the adoption of HR strategy to uplift the employee from his career downfall to a top performer which he was in most of the years serving in an organization. Human Resources also called HR was derived from the formerly known as personal department. Their primary responsible was to handle the administrative duties of an organization which worked independently from other departments.

In a nutshell, they are responsible for hiring and interviewing prospecting candidates and conducting exit interviews for the employees who terminated employment from the organization. Personal department were also responsible for keeping track of the employees attendance, employee benefits and employment law. As the world of employment grows into a complex one, diverse and equivocal, the old traditional models of working are getting obsolete and more flexible forms of organisation and employment are established.

With the growth of technology, globalisation, changing workforce demographics and talent shortages are the many challenges faced by organizations today. In this context the role of HR should evolve and help in growth to play a larger part in developing organisations. As the norms for managing the employment relationship change, so their exists a tremendous pressure with HR professionals to develop a deeper understanding of the present context, business needs and strategy, and to be innovate in performing their roles and responsibility.With the growth of new challenges of retaining talented employees and to recruit new personnel aligning with the requirement of the organization, work force training and development, introduction of new policies which benefits both the employee and the organization, HR role has become more proactive in strategic planning process and the development of an organization.

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HR works closely with the management to ensure work force efficiency. The major functions of the human resource now-a-days are work force planning, strategic management, risk management, labor relations, conducting training to develop the human resource, policy formulation.

Subject matter

Ram is a senior technician in a multinational organisation which manufactures heavy machinery equipments in India and has good reputation in the international market for its machineries.

The personal records of Ram says that he has put in around 30 years of service and joined the organisation as assistant technician very intelligent person and with good track record of service for the last 25 years. Has been sincere and very dedicated worker and has shown exemplary workmanship all these days.Off late in the last five years his immediate boss has found him to be irregular and has cultivated the habit of drinking and use of toxicants off the job / working hours and this habit is affecting his execution of the task qualitatively and as well developing ill health for Ram.Further, probed by the immediate boss, Ram has confessed that he is having some issue with his spouse and family and hence he is not interested to earn the full salary and hence takes off from the job and accepts loss of pay as he wants only that limited money to be paid to his wife and family.Here, in the organisation the productivity and the qualitative work of Ram is affected because of his cultivated habits and attitude who is due for promotion as Master Technician. As a HR Specialists what strategy will be best adopted to bring Ram back to his original workmanship.

We shall discuss the HR strategies in detail adopted in association with Ram’s boss to uplift his morale and to make him more efficient contributor to the organization.Also the HR strategy adopted and discussed are not restricted to one specific individual like Ram but to the whole employee community and so the strategies detailed below is generalized and applicable to all spheres of work force group to improve their morale and be a real contributor to the organization’s success.

Identify the driving factor to engage in the regular business work

Research indicates that few methods proven to drive employee engagement across generations, industries and demographics, these include leadership, learning and development opportunities, and a sense of meaning at work.

There is no specific rule to be adopted to drive the employee engagement however developmental opportunity, leadership and a chance to contribute and aligning to the vision of the company forms the crucial part for motivating employees.

Spend Time with the Employees

The Society for Knowledge Economics(SKE) a professional body with a national engaged to address Australia’s vital need to develop more innovative, satisfying and high performing workplaces, in the year 2011 released a research in which interviews were conducted with 5,661 employees in 77 Australian organisations. The research findings illustrated that the biggest difference factor in leadership behaviour between high and low performing workplaces was the time spent by leaders with their employees.

In 2016, Google also confirmed that with thorough review of their own company’s performance data, they were able to prove that frequent conversations between a leader and his or her employee was the main indicator of a team’s high performance.

Provide more than a job

It is easy to lose sight of why we do what we do in a day-to-day activities. But for HR professionals looking to keep their employees engaged, providing more than just a punch in punch out is crucial. According to Deloitte’s Talent 2020 report, which surveyed 560 employees

one thing came out resoundingly clear: “Engage employees with meaningful work – or watch them walk out the door”. In another survey conducted by Deloitte’s suggests, 42% of respondents seeking new employment are under an impression that their current job did not make good use of their skills and abilities.

Similar surveys have had the same results: HR consulting company Penna conducted research into the role meaning plays in employee engagement. They found that the employers who can learn the secret of what will provide meaning at work will find the key to employee engagement. Irrespective of their gender, age, sex, region or the length of service rendered with their company/employer, 55% of respondents revealed that their motivation levels would increase if they were into meaningful work. Also an additional 42% revealed that they would be more loyal to their company/employer. This is one of the main responsibility of HR professional to facilitate the employees to find a true sense of meaning at work.

Don’t ignore the truth, analyse your current approach

If an employee comes with the problem associated with his professional matters or the matter of fact with their personal matters, it is advicable that the HR professional should analyse his current approach and also not to ignore the truth and engage with the employee in a best possible way to mitigate the problem by providing adequate support within the boundaries and best interest of the company.

Do not assume money creates meaning

Money is not the only motivating factor for an employee to work efficiently in an organization whereas there are many other factors contributing to the satisfaction and facilitates morale boosting such as a better environment creation in the work place, enjoyment and development of skills, concentrating on the health by conducting regular health check ups, organizing vacation time along with their family, ocational team out are certain factors which works more than money.

Include Employees in Company Strategy

Including employee in formulating strategy will create a positive vibes in them. There will be a sure development of oneness among employees and the management to work towards one common goal. There are many benefits in including an employee in strategy formulation are listed below:

• Better idea generation from the pool of employees.

• Employee will feel empowered.

• Employee would feel that they are more connected to their work.

• There would be an increase sense of respect among employees and the management.

• It will not cost anything.

Plan for Fluid Workforce

Adopting a conventional type of nine-five job is becoming more and more unpopular paving way to the diverse blend of full time, part time, work from home, flexible work time.The HR professional must be aware of all these new developments and provide the employees with these benefits.This relaxation helps employee to further motivate themselves in to work efficient as they think that the company is responding to their needs and benefits.

Improve Workplace culture

Robert Walters survey suggests that as many as 73% of respondnets surveyed admitted to quit the job due to poor cultural fit. Cutlural fit is one of the important factors of retaining good talents.

Prioritize the work life balance

It is of utmost important that the HR specilaists prioritize and supports work-life balance in an organization. Working round the clock and promoting hard work will not help your business cause, because it will leave them drained. Encouragement of employee to take vacation time, a flexible work timings and work from remote. This will not only lead to a productivity increase, but motivate employees to work harder.

Encourage Healthy Lifestyle

Leading an healthy life is a blessing in disguise, developing and encouraging their employees to be healthier is one of the factors responsible for the success of the company. Facilitating regular health check ups, seminars conducted by leading health professionals, organizing regular sports and cultural activities often attract and retain employees and are able to perform in a better shape.

Encourage friendships and communities to form outside structured company events

Organisational psychology suggests us that the more friends employees have at work, the more engaged they will be in their role. A study found that only 28% of employees who had no friends at work were engaged in their role.

Encouragement to develop an informal communities within the organisation outside of formal social events. These communities will often naturally emerge if you step back and create the space for them to develop and flourish.


In conclusion, employee motivation is very important factor to be considered by human resource management. Employees are motivated for the various reasons that will benefit to the organization. Main reasons include retention of the talented employees, increase in productivity

or output of the organization; improve teamwork and the morale of employees. The above detailed strategies can help Ram to be motivated and work towards the organization productivity.

Note: The Strategies suggested is explained generally whereas the same is applicable to the subject matter of employee Ram to bring him back to resourceful working as he was performing over 25 years.

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