Writing a Business Essay: Table of Content

What is a business essay and its purpose

A business essay is a type of paper where a person needs to analyze a topic or situation. As a rule, these aspects relate to the market and give a certain responsibility to it afterward. Usually, the business essay is a piece of writing that students of the business schools write. Those who are related to any subjects in marketing, management, finance, etc. When it comes to a business paper writing, you should use exact facts, number, and statistics. Therefore, if you want to write a decent and comprehensive piece– you need to use a serious and responsible approach to the issue. How to write a business essay?

Nowadays, this question is rather controversial. Some scholars are sure that such type of paper should analyze the essence of business; other ensure to dedicate this paper to the project or business plan description. Below we have submitted information that will help you single out the main peculiarities of this piece.

The business text has nothing to do with the observation or descriptive papers. Therefore, one needs to gather the necessary facts and information. It is important to analyze this information based on the goals of the paper. A student has to provide the relevant information and support the argument he or she provides in the essay. We can do it with the help of qualified examples and references.

Of course, you might use your creativity in business writing and provide some ideas; however, you cannot provide some imaginary information which you proved. Also, it cannot be a stream of consciousness. A business article should use the appropriate language, structure and writing style.

There is no easy way when it comes to business writing, but you can break up the whole essay writing process into small stages. That will make the process less complicated and help you cover all the questions. Consequently, you will be able to handle well-structured and high-quality paper and receive a good grade.

Let’s figure out how to write a business essay and what parts it must consist of?

How to write a business essay introduction

First, you need to outline your understanding of the issue and your essay question and comment on how you are going to solve it. You should start with “what?”, “how?” and “why?”; and have a clear idea about the purpose of your masterpiece. You need to be sure that you understand the goals of your essay because they will shape the area of your work, describing what you are achieving afterward. The introduction is a short, however, the important part of your work. The wrong or blurred objectives of an essay will lead to poor quality body paragraphs, and, consequently, to an unqualified and blurred conclusion.

The main aim of the first paragraph is to grab the readers’ attention. In order to implement it in practice you have to write an interesting hook that will invoke people to keep reading your paper. It can be some proverbs, quotations, or even anecdotal stories.

How to write a business essay? Before you decide what to tell in this part, you must find out what kind of paper you are going to make. Is it an observation narrative or more like a scientific report? Think what is suitable for you and choose your type. You should pick an appropriate language when you are writing a scientific report. While creating a narrative essay the writer can make it more interesting by putting in a unique story from personal experience.

How to write the main body of a business essay

The next paragraphs of your essay will be the body of an essay. They will include the data you have collected for your research: numbers, researchers, statistics, and other facts that will support your hypothesis.  You should use the terminology which is specific to the field of the business studies. You should support the arguments you provide in your creation. This is important because it will make your essay more credible. You should refer the sources you have collected, and provide the detailed analysis of the issue. Make sure that you use critical thinking and give the viewpoints of the different sides and authors. Nevertheless, you can also demonstrate your independence of thought, therefore, don`t be afraid to give your own opinion. You might suppose that there is no exceptional value of your paper. However, it is not true. You might not get a Pulitzer Prize for your writing, but still, your work should be unique and authentic. Don`t use some other student`s thoughts in order to avoid plagiarism.

Don`t forget to reference the citation accurately and due to the appropriate style like Harvard, for instance. The number of references you can use depends on the length of your paper.

How to write a business essay conclusion

The conclusion is the final part of the paper. We usually use it to sum up all the ideas and thoughts and refresh the hypothesis. However, the conclusion should include the logical ending of the discussion that you put into the body paragraphs. The outcome ensures that you answered the question that you have stated in the introduction as thoroughly as possible. The conclusion is the final part of the essay that is why do not present here new information. We highly recommend you to restate the thesis and summarize the results of investigation here.

However, this final paragraph should also express some recommendations for the future investigation of your topic, etc.

Tips for writing a successful business essay

Here are some tips for you how to create perfect writing:

  1. Study the question and make sure you understand the issue of your work as fully as it is possible. Prepare some draft and write down the key points and ideas of your essay. Write down the arguments you will use and figure out how many paragraphs you will include into the body, and what data you are going to provide there.
  2. You may find great information, however, don`t forget to keep your masterpiece well-structured. Keep the arguments and thoughts in chronological order. Stay consistent and make your piece logical, so your professor and other students might understand your points of view.
  3. Don`t forget to proofread your essay. Check your grammar and punctuation. Remember that your essay should include the specific amount of letters, and each paragraph should include the specific amount of the sentences. Also, use the correct style – you might lose some extra point if you skip it. Do you still hesitate how to write a business essay?
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