Hitlers Daughter by Jackie French Analysis

Human nature is truly a complex thing to understand. Jackie French has lured us into a world bursting with vital historical information, she has entangled in the novel, a series of facts about the many events that occurred in World War II. French has taken the time to structure this novel with sensitivity and sophistication. She has shown great sympathy towards the Jewish people throughout this captivating novel. The author then leads us onto a path to teach us the importance of history and the endless lessons we may learn from the mistakes of previous generations.

French weaves into the novel, the fact that human beings can often be cruel and discriminatory. Hitler wanted to create a pure race that suited his ideologies. A perfect race with blue eyes and blonde hair. This idea is well defined when Mark’s Mother says, “ A pure Aryan race, so he had to get rid of anyone who didn’t fit his idea, anyone who was different “.

– Pg 23

French uses repetition and ellipsis to show the reader how the Nazi Party treated the Jews, discriminating against them and executing them just because of their heritage. French wants to draw attention to the harrowing nature of Hitler’s ideas. We are then forced to contemplate and question the dramatic pause and about how these prejudicial ideas impacted upon the lives of the Jewish people. Furthermore, French entwines the idea of discrimination based on religious belief. Anyone who was Jewish and/or didn’t obey Hitler was sent to filthy concentration camps where they were treated with uttermost cruelty and barbarism.

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This is clear in, “ The book talked about the ‘Jewish problem’, but Heidi had never known quite what it meant “. – Pg 40 French emphasizes the fact that the Jewish people were considered a problem towards the Nazi Party and that Heidi hadn’t known much about the Jews and the concentration camps.

Who Is Hitlers Daughter

French takes us on a journey to teach us that wisdom is a universal theme a…

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Hitlers Daughter by Jackie French Analysis
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