Hiphop Spreading Through Society Depression

Hip hop it’s a controversial genre acclaimed worldwide, and whose tale it’s constantly follow by the media, according to which, it portraits negative lifestyles; claiming that it poses a threat to the wellbeing of its followers, setting the field to make us wonder if it gets to the point where it nourishes mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. Being the most common mental disorders, anxiety and depression can affect everyone, nonetheless women are twice as likely to bear them.

Due to the poor coverage of mental health education, and the ordinarily of its symptoms, anxiety and depression can easily go unnoticed and untreated; which is why it’s important to understand these illnesses and their symptoms.

Depression it’s a mood disorder, characterized by an overwhelming, unjustifiable, and unshakable feeling of sadness, that persists for long periods and crippled people’s ability to function normally, affecting them socially and professionally, and even mess with their appetite and sleeping patterns.

Anxiety it’s a psychological health condition, accompanied by an unreasonable fear or state of high alert, that persists for long periods, wearing people out and making them feel irritable and on the edge due to the intensity of their symptoms.

The environment plays an important role in the thriving of mental disorders, but there’s no current evidence linking hip hop exposure to anxiety and depression; and even if it were, mental disorders are multicausal, meaning that they’re cause by multiple factors. Nonetheless, -as stated aforementioned- hip hop culture displays some unhealthy behaviors: obsession with power (fame, money, goods), vicious violence and beefs, as well as promiscuity and drug abuse; and thanks to social media, hip hop culture it’s being spread faster and farther than before, posing an even higher threat to mental health.

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On that matter, we must peer social media’s influence in our mental health. When used right, it provides a sense of community, allows people to connect and share easily, and it’s an excellent platform to raise awareness about important topic and to promote healthy lifestyles.

In the other hand, social media abusers tend to show low self- esteem, poor habits, and negative body image; related to the fact that social media user’s mostly portrait the best aspects of their lives, and when those with depression or anxiety take a look to those perfect scenarios, can’t help but to compare them with their lives, worsening their symptoms, and feeling sorry about themselves. Hip hop and social media have come to stay, and it’s imperative to find ways to use them as platforms to promote healthy outlets to anxiety and depression, for instance: exercise, mindfulness, and healthy habits, just to name a few. It can be done, they’ve been used to create awareness of social issues and advocate for human’s rights. Mental health it’s a public health issue, and rappers could do their part encouraging people to live healthier and seek professional help when needed; specially if they feel on the edge or have suicidal thoughts, there’s no shame in asking for help.

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