The History of the Invention, Spreading and Rules of the American Football

Beyond any shadow of doubt, soccer is one of the most notorious types of sports that has won the universal acclaim. Nevertheless, only the minority is aware about the way it has passed to achieve such popularity all over the world. Moreover, not everyone understands the basic rules of this game and knows its vivid representatives. Therefore, to give the deep insight into the essence of the American football, it is necessary to get to know more about its history of invention and spreading, rules and outstanding personalities.

To start with, it is necessary to shed the light upon the origin of this game, which is appeared to be an extremely controversial question even for the time being. It has been commonly assumed that the history of soccer is traced since the Han dynasty, what conveys a clear-cut message about the role of China in its creation. Besides, the scholars are inclined to believe that the early Greeks and Romans have contributed to its development too.

The Japanese, in their turn, are also considered to be actively engaged in this pastime about three thousand years ago. At this stage, soccer has been perceived as the recreational activity solely, but not as a professional sport.

The significant transformation in its growth is attributed to the Englishmen, who have succeeded in turning its core aim from the hobby to the kind of sport competition. In fact, this change goes with the medieval period, when the soccer has dealt with such practices, as biting, punching or other direct representation of the players’ aggression.

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All in all, the resort to the violence during the game performance and the distraction of the soldiers from the daily responsibilities have lead to the official denial of soccer by the authorities. In particular, such laws have been initiated under the sway of King Edward III and King James I of Scotland.

After that, the status of soccer has been regressed for a long time and properly reviewed only in the 1800s, when the British navigators have spread this sport on the global scale. It is for this, many researchers confirm that the Great Britain is responsible for the new push towards the revival of interest to soccer. Overall, thanks to these ancient accomplishments, today soccer is one of the most widespread sports all around the world.

After the general comprehension of its prehistory, the next point to be covered is connected with the major rules of soccer. Here, it should be noted that each part of game is played by two teams, who are seen as the rivals of the competition aimed at making the goal. The more goals the team scores, the more chances on the victory it has. Nevertheless, the players should not forget about the discipline and the respectful attitude to each other as well to the referees, who keep track of the match and its compliance with the standard norms. In case of the breach of the rules, so called “faul”, he is entitled to give the yellow or read card to the player or impose the free kick.

Furthermore, there exist the strict restrictions over the number of the players for each team (11 is the maximum), the match duration (2 times for 45 minutes), the procedure of the ball obtainment via the toss of the coin, its management during at the football pitch as well as the privilege of the goalkeeper to hold the ball in hands. In addition, the distinct emphasis should be made upon the offside rule, which constitutes the basis of the game and regulates the just performance of the players. In brief, it occurs when the forward is located between less than two defenders, who can be involved in the active play. In this case, the goal is not counted, if the attacking player is closer to the goal line than both defenders, who are most likely to make no quick action for the realization of their function.

Ultimately, this is only the basic list of rules, which the average viewer should know for getting at least the overall impression about what is going on the football zone. Finally, the true meaning of the American football can be grasped only after the acquaintance with the most prominent sportsmen in this genre. Among them, Lionel Messi can be rightly considered to be one of the most famous celebrities in soccer playing. His background is familiar to the fans from the various parts of the world, what testifies its current solid position in the field of sports. Being the Argentine-born footballer, he has made the successful career in FC Barcelona, the Spanish soccer leader, who proves its bright reputation from league to league.

It should be stressed that Messi’s uprise to the glory has started in her early youth, when he has played for Newell’s Old Boys. At the age of 13, he has attracted the attention of the reputable clubs, which have dreamed about such a talented soccer player. As a result, Messi has joined FC Barcelona, where his natural inclinations have been refined to the state of perfection. His competition with Cristiano Ronaldo in 2008 FIFA World Championship has appeared to be the turning point for his career, but in the long run, he has surpassed his key opponent to a great extent.

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