Smartphones Setting the New Standards

The following sample essay on “Smartphones Setting the New Standards” is about the evolution of the smartphone. This device contributed to the development of new digital industries.

Technology is undoubtedly influencing our society. There are certain technologies that we use every day and have become immensely dependent on. Many of us rely on cars, smartphones, or computers to accomplish daily tasks. These common technologies, smartphones in particular, make our lives exponentially easier by allowing us to do things quicker and more efficiently.

We can communicate with someone across the world or search anything on the Internet and find what were looking for merely within seconds.

While smartphones are a blessing, they have various side effects that go unnoticed by our entire society. Many agree that their heavy usage of smartphones and their applications have identifiable negative effects on their focus and well-being. Additionally, our personal over dependence on smartphones not only affects us, but how we treat and respect others. Our societal norms and standards are changing due to an increase in the abundance of technology.

But are these norms and standards changing in a bad way? If the entire society is changing, then its acceptable for people to comply with the new standards.

It shouldnt be rude, disrespectful, or inconsiderate to do something thats expected from society and considered a norm. However, just because over dependency on smartphones is now considered socially acceptable it doesnt mean that this is a positive change. It is bad that our societal norms are changing due to our overdependence on smartphones, because this correlates to us becoming less considerate of one another and our own well-being.

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Many people spend considerably an unhealthy amount of time on their smart phones. They feel the need to check it every few minutes and feel uncomfortable if they arent with their phones. Especially in younger generations, smartphones are a controlling device in their lives. Theyre so dependent on their phones it becomes similar to an addiction. They feel as if they need it in their lives, because it has become such a prominent part of they way they live.

In Sherry Turkles essay No Need to Call, she gives a few examples of how important and controlling smartphones can be in younger generations. Turkle explains how a sixteen year old student named Audrey finds smartphones to be conflicting in her life. She makes it seem as if she has become too dependent on technology. Turkle says that Audrey has her cell phone and its camera with her all day; all day she takes pictures and posts them on Facebook(380).

In the words of Audrey, If Facebook were deleted, Id be deleted . . . . All my memories would probably go along with it. And other people have posted pictures of me. All of that would be lost. If Facebook were undone, I might actually freak out. . . . That is where I am. Its part of your life. Its a second you (380).

Many other people are in the same situation as Audrey in the sense that they truly feel as if they need their smartphones in their life. Along with Audrey, a good portion of smartphone users are consumed by their over dependence on smartphones. It controls the way they live, think, and act. Because so many people let it shape their lives, its not considered socially abnormal to be that dependent. Even though the new way we use smartphones is the new standard, that doesnt necessarily disregard the issue of whether they are positively or negatively having an effect on the way we interact.

Many people are often hypnotized by their phones, making them incapable of multitasking. They become oblivious to the world around them, even in the most important times. Smartphones can hypnotize their users during events like weddings, funerals, or work meetings. You even see people on live television, in the front row of an NBA finals game where the seats most likely cost thousands of dollars, texting on their phone.

Is our mild addiction to our smartphones causing an unhealthy change of societal norms? According to James Chrosswhite in his guide Reading, Reasoning, and Writing, this question would be a Question of cause and effect, or consequence (7). Many people dont notice that our mild addiction to smartphones as a society is causing us to be oblivious in these important moments such as the weddings, funerals, meetings, or games.

In these scenarios, its rude. Most would consider it very disrespectful and inconsiderate to be on your phone at these times. However, people still do it. Returning to Turkles essay No Need to Call, Audreys mother is a prime example of someone whos commonly hypnotized by her phone and lets it effect the way she treats others. Audrey explains to Turkle that when her mother picks her up from practice she is usually focused on her cell phone, either texting or talking to her friends It gets between us, but its hopeless. Shes not going to give it up. Like, it could have been four days since I last spoke to her, then I sit in the car and wait in silence until shes done (377).

People who are hypnotized by their smartphone, such as Audreys mother, are incapable of living in the moment and experiencing it fully. To not acknowledge your daughters presence is simply rude and disrespectful. Its disrespectful to the couple getting married when someone in the audience is on their phone. Its disrespectful to the professional basketball players when someone is texting in the front row, entirely disregarding the game. Considering how it affects others, our societal norms for our usage of smartphones are negatively changing.

Its a complicated issue, because while using your phone in these moments can be disrespectful, it can also simultaneously be considered socially acceptable. Something beneficial about having smartphones is that if there ever is an emergency, we can be informed immediately. Sometimes less drastic than an emergency, people will also tend to their smartphone if they feel that whatever it holds is more important than what they are currently doing in the moment. One of the biggest conflicts about the younger generations having smartphones is that they often use them in class at school.

Its disrespectful to the teacher when they dont have their students full and undivided attention because theyre on their phones. Its typically fair for teachers to assume that their class time is more important than whatever their students may be drawn to when they sneakily look at their smartphones under their desk. However, there is a counterargument to this and all other similar scenarios. Theres always the possibility of a legitimate emergency.

Perhaps the student texting in school has a family member whos experiencing health problems. Maybe the person on their phone at a meeting for work has previously been informed that their house was flooded and theyre eagerly waiting for a call from the insurance company. Emergencies happen. While it unfortunately may come off disrespectful to others, there are occasions when our smartphones are more important than living in the moment.

This dilemma affects everyone who regularly uses their smartphone. If it isnt known that what youre doing on your smartphone is an emergency or very important, it may be considered offense to others. For example, if youre at lunch with a friend and texting on your phone while theyre talking to you, they could justifiably take offense to that and think less of your relationship. Similarly, a teacher would most likely be offended if a student was on their phone during class completely ignoring what the teacher is saying.

It comes down simply being considerate of others. If youre on your phone doing something less important than whats happening in the moment, you should realize its inconsiderate and disrespectful. Additionally, if there is a legit emergency, you should excuse yourself from others around you or give them a fair warning. We have come to accept the reality that people arent always going to be respectful and considerate. Its generally bad that our societal norms are changing due to our overdependence on smartphones, because this correlates to us becoming less considerate of one another and our own well-being.

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