Controversy over Global Warming

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Global warming has been an international topic of controversy for the past few decades. The definition given by the Oxford Dictionary is, “a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide and other pollutants.” In National Geographics documentary, Before the Flood, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, he travels worldwide to places around the country as a United Nations Messenger of Peace to spread awareness about global warming.

DiCaprio meets with scientists around the world and goes on expeditions to be able to observe climate change first-handed as well as convening with political figures that oppose the thought of climate change being a real issue. On the journey, DiCaprio also introduces specific interest groups that are trying to undermine the global warming crisis by organizing campaigns that distract the public from the climate issue, therefore he meets with important figures in society to further educate himself and to bring about change in the United States regarding global warming.

The documentary suggests ways in which global warming can be monitored and reduced if society takes the necessary measures. This documentary uses an effective approach to send their message about the current situation of climate change and provided solutions in a visual way that appeals to the audience using statistical findings, credible scientists in the field and showing what could happen in the future if global warming is not resolved in a certain time frame.

National Geographic, now mostly known as broadcasting network, is an established magazine company owned by the National Geographic Society founded in 1888.

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The articles include information relevant to topics of culture, geography and history. National Geographic reports as a highly factual media source that adheres to a strictly pro-science prejudice. To maintain this prejudice, National Geographic only accommodates scientific sources such as legitimate science or an evidence-based source to remain scientifically credible. Legitimate science complies with the scientific method along with continuing to steer clear of bias and loaded words. Additionally, their sources utilize the recognition of professionals’ consensus in the given scientific field as well as exclusively seeking to publish peer reviewed science. Although sources follow scientific principles, few might contain a feeble amount of political bias in particular categories.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a well-known actor who is looking to create a change on a global scale using his critically acclaimed stature in society. Through his foundation called the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF), DiCaprio works to better educate society on global warming as well as funding projects to protect ocean and forest environments. Along with these environmentally based projects, he has created numerous documentaries to commence change and increase awareness on the issue. In 2014, during the making of the film, DiCaprio was chosen as a member of the United Nations to be the Messenger of Peace to give a speech focusing on the problem at hand, global warming. Moreover, DiCaprio received an important award called the Crystal Award by the World Economic Forum due to his dedication to his work to globally spread the crucialness of climate change. Not only is he the Chairman of LDF and a United Nations Member, Leonardo also serves on multiple boards of nonprofit organizations like World Wildlife Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, National Geographic’s Pristine Seas, the funders’ collaborative Oceans 5, and International Fund for Animal Welfare.

Throughout the documentary, important political and science figures are presented and recalled as the most conspectus climate deniers. This cast of experts have been denying all the evidence leaning toward global warming and making money due to their devious ways. Most of these so-called “experts” frequently begin any statements with the phrase “I’m not a climate scientist, but…” before continuing their series of recited talking points that are intended to confuse society on global warming being a problem. These figures are more often than not well-paid operatives by organizations known as The Heartland Institute, CFACT, and Americans for Prosperity. The organizations receive endowments from multiple fossil fuel corporations that are willing to stall any initiative to restrain emissions for fossil fuel or expedite the process of having better energy sources such as solar and wind power to create a more affordable source for society.

As per AR5, which is one of the logical reports at any point attempted, around 9,000 companion assessed research papers put together by researchers from about each nation on the planet, have finished up the ebb and flow discussion of environmental change is finished. One thing it clarified – environmental change is occurring now, and it is now uprooting millions around the world. Floods, superstorms, record-breaking heat, rapidly spreading fires, dry season, strife – due to these sensational changes, some have said we are entering another geologic age. We have left the Holocene and are entering the Anthropocene, an age in which people are the essential drivers of progress on Planet Earth. Our planet is warming up quick, and researchers have demonstrated that the fast changes we are seeing are not because of sun powered action, volcanoes, or other common wonders. They are because of contamination. Around two-thirds of the contamination that is driving environmental change is from the consuming of non-renewable energy sources – coal, oil, and gaseous petrol – with another quarter of the contamination originating from deforestation and farming.

DiCaprio’s effectively uses rhetoric throughout the film to deliver his well worked out message. He conveys his message applying logical, well-organized, and genuine messages as well as applying pathos to appeal to the audiences emotions. For example, the way he uses pathos is appealing to the public’s emotions which informs people about how the planet possibly could be coming to a downfall because of the current climate change that is occuring. Throughout the films entirety, visuals are placed into a slideshow format along with music and incorporates his voice in the background. He integrates many animals and different people in the documentary to receive an emotional response, while using this strategy he guides the audience to maintain focus due to the realization they will soon be affected by climate change. DiCaprio produced the documentary in order to personally touch the spirit of specific individuals, yet the picture was intended to influence the masses. In the documentary DiCaprio interviews many important figures around the world such as the Pope, the President of the United States, Presidents of other well-known countries, doctors, scientist, and other individuals who feel as though climate change is a major issue and that it needs to be addressed.

DiCaprio even addresses the vast carbon impression that he himself has left on the planet, conceding that he here and there inquiries the ethical quality of what he is doing. Though people with no uncertainty will come after this film with blades honed, DiCaprio has the great sense to address these reactions forthright. Also, truly, the creation took endeavors to balance its carbon impression amid shooting, including going up against a willful carbon assess. On the most fundamental level, Before the Flood is a film made for mass utilization with an end goal to educate and goad general society enthusiastically. In that regard, it is successful way of delivering his message. There is a mix of cold hard actualities from master researchers just as exchanges with world pioneers and those straightforwardly affected by the impacts of environmental change. This documentary is available to be seen by any number of individuals as could be expected under the circumstances. Environmental change is real and frightening. Our first line of resistance is in educating the public and keeping in mind that an element film could not in any way, shape or form embody everything there is to know regarding the matter. Before the Flood serves as a not-insignificant piece of education that will optimistically spur people to enact their own further research and hopefully it will provoke action through society. Through this documentary many people will realize that global warming is a world altering issue. This will cause many changes throughout the United States and other nations to lessen global warming, which was what Dicaprio planned on doing by filming Before the Flood.

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