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Steroid Use in Professional Sports – Does It Matter?
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Massive topic of discussion over the past few decades to help bring an end to this banned substance use. The unfair advantages that stem from steroids can vastly affect the outcome of their physical performance dating back to the 1950s, when Russian bodybuilders were taking testosterone to compete in the Olympics. The pros may seem to outweigh the cons in the eyes of some of these professional athletes, but they are banned substances for a reason and have been for…...
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Lives Consumed by Consumerism: An Analysis of Gender Consumption Habits
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The following sample essay on Lives Consumed by Consumerism: An Analysis of Gender Consumption Habits When Thanksgiving comes around every year, family and friends congregate together to have a big meal, catch up on life, and give thanks. While chatting with family or friends, there is usually a conversation that comes up like, “what are you buying this year on Black Friday?” This is the time when product deals come up and everyone fantasizes on what they are going to…...
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Drugs in Sport
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Sport is so much a part of daily life for so many Australians. An Australian child is brought up to idolise their sporting heroes and to pursue the sport itself. It is devastating to think that maybe our sporting heroes are cheats. Today students are being pressured to perform at higher levels to make the first team, representative side or a sporting scholarship at a Greater Public Schools (GPS) which then could lead to the opportunity to make a break…...
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