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Automated Highway System 
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An automated highway system is a automobile based system that can drive a automobile mechanically. This is done using electronic sensors, camera and radar that act as the vehicles’ eyes, determining the lane position and speed and locations of the other automobile. Actuators on the throttle, break and steering gives the command that the driver if human was there would have given.AHS vehicle also have sensors and tools to communicate to other AHS automobile. The concept of automated automobile had…...
AutomationCommunication SystemSelf-Driving Car
Autonomous Vehicles: Are We Ready
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Driving safe is giving all your attention behind the wheel despite the fact of the car having the ability to drive on its on, unattended. With our society the roads are only getting busier by the days that go by, many people take many risks and went ahead to texting or making phone calls while on the road each day knowing that it is against the law and very unsafe. Technology is debatably making the cars, people, and roads more…...
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Using the Speakerphone While Driving
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Technology has grown over the years, we have adopted new ways to use cell phones in cars. Hands-free technology has become a safer route to using cell phones. Hands-free is talking or using speak to text without taking your hands off the wheel. In the Article Minnesota Text Messaging and Cellphone Laws, “According to Minnesota’s office of traffic safety, distracted or inattentive driving is a factor in one in four crashes in Minnesota, resulting in at least seventy deaths and…...
Distracted DrivingDrivingSelf-Driving Car
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Self-Driving Cars Pros and Cons
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What is a self-driving vehicle The first self-driving vehicle was invented in 1986 in Europe by a guy named Ernst Dickmanns. He was a scientist and led a group of German engineers. It is known that he and his team failed many times. They even had to get permission from the French government to test this vehicle across the city. This is because this was new, they didn’t know if something would go wrong or even cause damage to someone or to…...
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