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Motivational Perspectives for Successful Involvement in Effective Bee Honey 
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The relevance of home economics cannot be overemphasized. It is a lucrative discipline in vocational education that equips graduates with skills and competences required to settle in an occupation of choice on graduation either as an entrepreneur or paid employee. Areas in home economics that entrepreneurship can be developed include but not limited to catering, fashion and designing, home management, bead making, horticulture, and apiculture. Apiculture is an important and lucrative area in home economics and agriculture. Apiculture is a…...
Honey Bee
Invasive Bee Impact On The Native Pollinating Species, Flora And Fauna In Australia
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Honey bees were introduced to Australia in 1882 for the honey and exotic crop industry which is worth around $90million annually as of 2018. These bees where uncontrolled, allowing feral populations to spread and grow, however their exact reach and abundance is still unknown. What I can tell you is that they are a large source of competition for our native pollinators, a few bird species for nesting sites and in extreme cases they are competition for limited water sources.…...
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In-field Non-invasive Detection Of Honey Bee Pathogens
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Background The contribution of honeybees to agriculture indirectly through pollination services was estimated to be valued at around $19 billion in Australia in 2017, with the direct production of honey and other hive products accounting for approximately $100 million of this value. However, honeybee health has rapidly declined in recent years due to a variety of environmental stresses such as pathogens, agrochemical exposure, lack of quality forage, and reduced habitat. Importance Under current husbandry practice, opening beehives is required to…...
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Honey Bee Foraging Patterns Landscape
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For the last 50 years, honey bee hives have increased by 45%, but in some parts, mostly in Europe and North America, their numbers have been declining. During the same 50-year period, non-animal pollinated crop production has doubled, whilst animal pollinated crop production has increased four times. The global agriculture is becoming more and more dependent on pollination (Kluser et al., 2011). With the increase of their importance for pollination services, their decline is more alarming. Land-use change negatively affects…...
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Economic Importance Of Honeybees
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Honeybees are of huge economic importance, vital for the pollination of many fruit, vegetable and seed crops. Also a wide variety of important products are made from the honey, beeswax, pollen, royal jelly and propolis that bees produce. Pollination Honeybees is considered as one of the most important pollinators for both wild and domestic plants. Honey bees visit more flowering plant species, including many native plants, than any other bee. Honeybees are crucial for agriculture in many countries because they…...
Honey Bee
Synergistic Antibacterial Action of Honey and Oregano
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In the following example, an essay on the synergistic antibacterial action of honey and oregano. Read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, scroll down. Impacts of E. Coli Escherichia coli, also known as E. coli, is a common bacterium found in our environment, our food sources, and our water source as well. The commonness of an issue may often be attributed to triviality; however, E. coli is not to be taken lightly. The bacteria can cause a variety…...
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