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History of Hagia Sophia Building
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Hagia Sophia one of the most admirable buildings ever created, designed by Anthemios of Tralles and Isidore of Miletus, and built under the Emperor Justinian I from 532–537. The building has an Unbelievable way of allowing light into the building, instead of a few large arched windows Hagia Sophia distributes the weight and allows for numerous windows allowing sunlight to pour into the building. Just in the great hallway alone about ten large arched windows allow the beautifully painted mosaics…...
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A Contribution By Justinian I To The Byzantine Empire Was
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DBQ 5: Byzantine Empire under Justinian When Justinian became emperor in 527, he wanted to build a new Rome by incorporating the ancient Roman Empire. He made Constantinople the capital of the Byzantine Empire and kept the Roman culture along with the Greek culture for more than a thousand years. Justinian helped rebuild the Roman Empire by the many contributions he gave to the empire; he was able to rule a well-structured empire. Justinian was known partly for rebuilding the…...
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Urban Pattern
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Settlements of any size and type can always be formally synthesized by their patterns, so it means pattern identify the settlements. Town houses in gridiron blocks, high-rise office structures, academic campuses, suburban estates, and highway retail sprawl are good examples. Urban form, then, is a result of the bringing together of many elements in a composite totality:the urban pattern. Patterns are the outstanding formal features of urban areas. A pattern can be defined as an elaboration of form that results…...
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