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Despite many threats and the spread of fear among the citizens of
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Despite many threats and the spread of fear among the citizens of the whole world, Chaplin dared to produce his film "The Great Dictator" in that sensitive period when greed possessed the soul of the people in power "dictators" who always put their needs on their top priority. The ones who refused such acts were kidnapped, tortured or erased from this world. Fortunately, Chaplin never lost hope on the possible existence of democracy, his speech at the final scene of…...
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Charlie Chaplin And Buster Keaton Compare And Contrast
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Comparison/ Contrast of Chaplin and Keaton Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton are the founding actors for the comedian world. They both starred in numerous silent films in the early 1900s. They are commonly compared for their numerous similarities in their acting careers. Chaplin and Keaton are both comedians, they act in such a way to get the maximum laughs out of their audience. Comedic acting was much more difficult in silent films then it is now in regular films. In…...
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