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Free essays on breastfeeding are available online for students and parents who want to learn about the benefits of breastfeeding, the various factors that influence breastfeeding practices globally, and the importance of promoting breastfeeding as a public health issue. These essays are written by academic experts, lactation consultants, and mothers who share their personal experiences and perspectives on breastfeeding. Topics covered in these essays include the history of breastfeeding, the biological and psychological aspects of breastfeeding, lactation management, breastfeeding in public, the relationship between breastfeeding and infant health, and policies and programs that support breastfeeding.
Baby Weight Loss
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To tackle the case of a mother who brought her first 5-day-old term newborn, named Mary for well-baby exam and presented to have a concern to her infant’s birth weight of 2.8 kg and now at the clinic to be 2.5 kg. Mary is exclusively breast fed and the mother raised her concerns on not feeding enough and weight loss. The pertinent questions to ask the mother before proceeding in answering her concerns and the questions that would elicit more…...
BreastfeedingMedical AssistantWeight Loss
Power of Breastfeeding
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Breastfeeding has been a topic of constant debate for years. People question the future benefits or deficits of breastfeeding versus not breastfeeding to the future of a child. Others question the importance of it to the development of a child. Many studies, specifically, show interest pertaining to the topic of cognitive development. Recent studies have begun to explore how different aspects of breastfeeding, such as drinking and smoking while breastfeeding, can negatively affect the future cognitive development of the child.…...
Mantegna Parnassus
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Symbolism in art can give viewers an infinite wealth of insight as it indirectly depicts meanings and ideas. Objects, persons, or images can be endowed with metaphorical representations. Symbols embody more than what we see at face value. Symbolism  can be achieved through different ways. In art, it could be achieved through the characterization of people, stories, use of visual techniques or objects with common connotations, etc. Instead of displaying only the aesthetic features, art takes a whole new level,…...
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Essay Examples on Frida Kahlo
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The following sample essay on Essay Examples on Frida Kahlo Expressing yourself can be done in many different ways.Poets choose to write words that are sometimes almost like riddles.Sculptors mold their expressions into art in their own manner.A photographer takes pictures of the places, persons, or objects that he or she might feel expressing their point.A painter expresses themselves through a painting in a way they choose to freely let the mind take over and their hand do the job.All…...
BreastfeedingFrida KahloPainting
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