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The Complexity of The Behavior of Neanderthal Populations in the Southern European Region
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This article goes into detail about the behavioral complexity of Neandertal populations in the Southern European area during the time frame of 160,000 to 40,000 BP. The authors argue that it makes more sense to debate the archaeological complexity when we compare the modern human and Neandertal records, not the issue of modernity (which they claim Neandertals do not possess). Therefore, it is important to note that for the rest of the article they shift their focus from modernity to…...
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Essay Example on Body Modification
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In many primitive rituals, it is common to display feats of strength through acts of body modifications such as piercing, tattooing, branding, scarification, implants, and body suspension. These ancient rituals have not been forgotten. They are still being performed today by not only native descendants but also by groups all over the world that refer to themselves as “modern primitives. ” For those who are referred to as “modern primitives,” the evidence shows more often than not that it is…...
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