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Music in the 1960s was comprised of genes that were diverse and could clearly be distinguished from their features in versatile manners. The features used to exhibit from the instruments used, the pitch, the tonal variation and so much more. From way back, there have been changes in the industry in relation to the times and moments that the artists existed hence releasing the music. The technology that keeps on changing has served a big role in making sure that music has thrived since the early years.

Technology has varied according to how the music is being played and also how it is compiled. Apart from albums, music is compiled in the CDs in which it is possible to hold a number of music in accordance with the storage size.

When Bob Dylan and the Beatles met, it was clear that something serious was to go down. Amazing music was created with a great message from a group of people with amazing vocals.

  Through music, these people were able to transform the culture of the people they lived within their native lands. They compiled the songs on the CD. Each song was released to portray a particular message to the public. There were twenty-six interesting songs and an extra one that I took the time to listen and carefully analyzed thereby putting my thoughts and reflecting upon them. The genre of the songs in the music CD varies as the singers use different forms music portrayal to give a unique outlook of the music being released.

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My first reaction after listening to the first few songs was that there was no specific genre for this CD Album.

For instance, Hank William’s Lost Highway was a classic country song and going further was a tribute by Bob to his hero.  This showed variance in the Music CD. There was no common theme for the songs on the CD. The themes varied from love songs, tributes and also interviews. Some of the songs that were themed to be love songs by depicting a series of romance included “Don’t think twice, it’s alright” and “love me do. “There was a single tribute by Bob Dylan to Woody that was referred to as “Song to Woody. Lastly, there was a track that clearly outlined their interview concerning their first trip to America in the year 1964. I have also noticed that most of these songs were not original songs of the two parties. They opted to do renditions and covers of songs originally sung by others.

Artistically, the outcome could not be questioned as it was professionally done and, in some cases, even turned out to be better than the originals. The lyric of the songs as well crafted as they cropped up the themes so well in the very best way possible. For instance, in the song “My back pages, “Bob Dylan was the writer in that in those lyrics was a lot of professionalism. The vocabulary was based on tradition as it was a traditional folk song. He also uses literary allusions whereby he uses he apologizes for his past political preaching. This shows that he used his past as his reference to bring out the meaning of the story. Another lyrical song that had deep lyrics was “Let me die in my footsteps, “To start with the lyrics were meant to critic Nat Handoff felt that there was more to living life than spending the time to build a bomb shelter. He actually termed it an immoral act that could be replaced with other important and acts.

Impressions and opinion

It was quite obvious that there were tracks in the CD Album that stood out and those that lagged. This was according to my opinion after listening and watching the songs. I made the assessment according to the video quality, the articulation of the lyrics and how the instruments were blended together to give the song a particular beat. The two tracks that topped my list were “All have to do is dream” and “Hello little girl. “All I have to is a dream is a song that at first attracted me due to its lyrics. My first impression was that it was about a person who just needed a dream to get what he or she wanted. It is also a pop, a genre that I love so much and appreciate. The coordination of the guitar moments was the most outstanding as they made the song musical. The video quality was just fit for that time of the year and in as much as it was black and white, I found it quite interesting. The second-best song that stood out for me was “Hello little girl.  “This song was just soothing and the lyrics too were concrete with that soothing and amazing vibe. The lyrics are also well aligned and rhyme with the beats hence bringing out a very good rhythmical feeling.

On the other hand, there was only one song in the Music CD that I felt lagged behind among the 26 tracks. The track, in this case, was ‘That’ll be the day,’ by quarrymen.  The tune was not appealing and the rhythm was not well articulated. There were, however, other versions including covers that were way better than the original version. I think that the original version needed some polishing up to make it more perfect. Additionally, the instruments were not well used which are part of the music resources which therefore shows underutilization hence the overall outlook was missed. Generally, in my opinion, my first impression and also final impression never met my expectations musically and the features of the music that I have learned. The theme was that of a demo of teenagers who want to become Beatles. It was not quite interesting and that’s why I rated it last among the 26 tracks.

Overall Rating

The Musical CD was quite interesting and on a scale of 1-10, I would rate it 8. I loved it because it is diverse. Listening to the 26 tracks was an exciting experience since the themes ranged from Love, tribute, political and cultural. Learning each one of them with the style of music was one amazing experience. It was also not pure education but entertainment too. This is because I even listened to the songs during my free times and I felt entertained. The darker side of the music was just some of them experienced a hitch but couldn’t beat the fact that the tracks were amazing and among the best 1960s oldies. In conclusion, it was an overall very good collection of music and just some little polishing would make it the best of the best.


Studying music in the 1960s has given me a great insight after carefully reflecting on the elements making the music. Comparing the two with the current music has also made me realize how big the gap is. Bob Dylan and the Beatles made music in the 1960s very interesting and good to listen to. The covers and the renditions that they composed were even better than the original versions. Music from the 1960s has transformed so far due to the emerging technology and yes, if the tracks were in the recent days, we would be talking of very quality music. Lack of resources is just one of the things that made music back then less quality than it is now. On the better side, there were very good messages that were passed through the music. Most of the messages in the music depended on the current situation happening either in the country or in a certain community. The main reason was to create awareness of such a situation or provide a solution on the same. Music is the food to many people’s soul. It is a form of entertainment and also an educator to some.

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